Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Wasting Time ?

(Courtesy of google) Ticking away........
Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an off hand way Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town Waiting for someone or something to show you the way
Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today And then one day you find ten years have got behind you No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but its sinking And racing around to come up behind you again The sun is the same in the relative way, but you're older Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines Hanging on in quiet desperation is the english way The time is gone, the song is over, thought Id something more to say
Intriguing words from Pink Floyd's song Time. I think many can relate to it. We just seem getting on with daily life, when I was young we just "hang out" now it is earning a living and stuck up with lot of not very important things.
But are they not important? Some years ago I struggled with the question which way do I go and I read in the paper that there was a workshop by a famous psychic on the Mind Body and Spirit Festival about finding your purpose. Just what I need I thought, although I am not a psychic kind of person. My main interests at that time (still is) were children and writing. I had a huge (beginners) luck of getting 3 articles published in parenting magazines.
I became a bit disinterested when being told that your purpose was basically what you really wanted to do now. Duh, I was already doing that but I didn't know what to choose because I wanted to do one or the other on a higher level to be able to have a real impact. After an exercise in which you were teamed up with your neighbour and really didn't get further than I already was, I listened to the psysic going through the process on stage with a lady who was totally stuck and had no idea where she wanted to go. I suddenly became alert when I heard the outcome. She said your goal in live is giving love and it doesn't matter how you do it, by writing magazine articles or by looking after children. Next I heard the lady on stage saying I don't do any of the two you suggested. "I know" ,whispered the psychic. The lady I was teamed up with nearly pushed me of my feet and said excitingly "that's about you". Was she right? There were maybe only 30 people in the audience. How many of them wrote magazine articles and looked after children. Coincidence? Maybe - Maybe not, but it made me look at what I do in a different way. No I am not wasting my time I am on the right track. Ahora Marja
Just saw that the naked soul wrote today something simular about your purpose in life and that it doesn't have to be something complicated. It is at a time that I needed to be reminded again.
Coincidence? Maybe - Probably not!!!


  1. As long as you are doing the things that make you happy and bring you personal fulfillment, then I believe you are well on your way to achieving your life's goals.

  2. I too have read about the purpose in life and various opinion on that regard..one interesting look was the "art of doing nothing", you know it suggests that ones purpose in life has to be able to do nothing..it was a lovely take on the matter, not sure how much it is practical though

  3. Hi Marja

    This is quite an interesting article. Yes, indeed I have been roving in my younger days, lol at not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I had to get a job early in life after leaving High School because I'm from a large family. My dad even said to me, I have given you the basic tools for a job go get a job and start on your total independence. You'll still have your room here in my home until your career is fully formed. I didn't know what career I wanted. All I knew I just wanted to travel the world, some impractical dream at that time for me because of monetary restraints.

    I took government jobs and left them many times because I just wanted out of the routine.

    Finally, I found out that I wanted to be a teacher and I have never looked back. Now my son who is Virgo like me is going through similar phase I had. I have only two children, his sister has a high paying career and is still in her thirties. Her brother is two years younger and love my apron strings much to my bewilderment. Sometimes, I feel like taking on an unfamiliar culture that selects a bride for the groom and get him one for Christmas lol. He thinks he must stay with me because his dad deceased 18 years and he must stay. I think his hidden motive is that why worry, he has a home and has travelled to big cities of the world from the time he was 18 years at the expense of his parents. Basic needs are met. Anyway, I'm glad for his company even though again this Christmas he will sit in his dad's chair at the dinner table but there is still that empty chair at the table. Oh, well!

  4. Marja,
    Exactly what I was writing about yesterday. No coincidence I am sure of it. Good reminder for us all. Happy to know that you have a clearer understanding of purpose. Hugs.

  5. Gypsy Yes I like the things I am doing but the problem is I always wanted to be important and although I might be doing the right things it doesn't make me feel important Still something to work on
    Although being published was great but later it didn't happen anymore

  6. Rambler maybe it is a purpose for a zen boeddist who is meditating all day. Otherwise it is a useless purpose

  7. That was so interesting to read Paterika. I like how your dad gives you the freedom and at the same time protection. I think it is a good idea to work or do some travel first. Young people first have to figure our what they want before making any choices.

    I always wanted to be a teacher but that didn't work out. Now I don't have that feeling anymore although I still lobe it but I have so many other interest now
    It is a fantastic job

    Sorry to hear about your husband
    It is not a strange thought. When my father died my brother became very protctive of my mum and stil drives her to places etc
    Of course young people stay these days longer and longer home as well
    because live is expensive

  8. Yes Mark I am sure as well that it is no coincedence. I have had to many of them to be a coincedence.
    People look always a bit akward at you however when I say that

  9. It´s a very interesting post again,Marja.I would like to write more about it but I don´t know all english words :)).

  10. I think mostly we end up doing those things that are important to us!
    It just sort of happens/
    My old father used to say "The only thing that's really important is our relationship with other people" - which I think means helping other and acting the right way towards them.

    By the way your Christmas tree looks splendid.

  11. when ya stop wanting the need .........it will come to you.......


    We all are we just domt know it!

  12. about time, I always say: time is running fast and it's almost time to get on the plain to you. see you with christmas.

  13. time does seem to fly past as we get older, that's a fact I don't like!
    I think all we can do is do what we feel inside...
    and coincidence or what was supposed to be?
    Every day is important with people we love,
    All the best, Katie, :)

  14. Hi Steffi That's ok but you can always write in German I can read it perfectly

  15. Thanks Elizabeth Your father is a very wise man It is our relationships wich makes us enjoy live

  16. Steve lost of wisdom from you. You are special for sure

  17. Yes time does fly by and although everyday is important I just don't want to say the last line of the song. I would love to do something special

  18. What you do and how you do it makes the world a better place every single day.

    no coincidences....

    I think Paulo Coehlo's Santiago would say it was an omen. :)

  19. Dana you are saying the right thing. Thank. you

  20. Hello……
    This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog!
    Welcome to my blog…….
    Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  21. Very interesting post Marja and you are an amazing person.


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