Saturday, 24 January 2009

The people by Mayke

A poem from the series "Christchurch" written by Mayke for Highschool
The people
by Mayke Blom

They dig for future
In a zap Of speed ..Yet,
A sack of steel green
Sheets that weak their shovels

They want to Fly high In the sky,
Using cubicles and paperwork
..All .......Day ..............Long.
The running flag dwelling proud
Waving Around a four coloured sky
 A simple season Easy to find
At the core of Christchurch


  1. One of these days I hope to experience the core of Christchurch. I have only heard such wonderful things.

  2. Mayke, that is a very nice poem!
    I like it!

  3. Great poem, obviously Mayke can write better poems than me :D

  4. Hello Marja, thanks for visiting my hermitage and for your kind words :)
    Pleased to meet you.. and sending best wishes from one Canterbury to another!

  5. Hi Mayke you have written a thought provoking poem in Free Verse. Its presentation on paper is perfect. Your stage directing of the lines in each of the four units gives way to a cadence that ebbs and flows swiftly and smoothly as the mind deciphers the imagery created in the head. A profound clue to the understanding of imagery created while reading the poem is found in the last unit ("At the core of Christchurch"). Ha, ha! the imagery points to a garden city which quite rightly boasts of diverse industries as well as the diversity of its people. Your artistry shows your poetic skills are way advanced for you have said so much in a short poem succinctly. I have given you an A without the plus because I'm yet to hear you read your poem. Thank you very much for sharing your creative skills.

  6. Kia ora Mayke,
    I can add little to Paterika's fine and considered evaluation than to write I concur!


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