Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wanaka Holiday part 2

The second day of our holiday we drove up to Wanaka, the fourth biggest lake in NZ and stayed there for the day. The third day we drove past Queenstown and stopped in the little town of Kingston. The steam train just passed when we came in. After having some lunch we headed for Te Anau. You will see photo's of Te Anau next time Up we go for a walk along lake Wanaka I am sure this man will find some peace at this Lake Don't you think so
Little rock pools glistering next to big brother lake From the top of the pass you can see Queenstown in the far distance When we drove into Kingston the steam train drove past. The train named the Kingston flyer officially drove between Gore and Kingston from 1878 to 1950. From there passengers could go with lake steamers to Queenstown
Aroha Marja


  1. Wat een indrukwekkend mooi land is Nieuw Zeeland. Met deze foto's maak je een goede kans om in de prijzen te vallen als je die instuurt voor een fotowedstrijd.

  2. New Zealand is no doubt a very beautiful place. No wonder The Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot mostly there.

    And the steam train looks fantastic. I am sure I will visit NZ in some years.

  3. That looks stunningly beautiful! No doubt my second cousins several times removed will be explioring that part - they have recently moved to Dunedin.

    Have a food day, Marja!

  4. Wonderful pictures!New Zealand have such fantastic nature!I wish I could live there too!

  5. Wonderful photos indeed, so beautiful, we nearly emigrated to New Zealand when I was younger...


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