Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Catlins

On our holiday ( January) we drove from Te Anau to Invercargell where we stayed the night. Pouring rain all day Early In the morning we moved quickly to The Catlins In the South East of the South Island. It is an area with dense rainforest and a coastline with High cliffs. There are hardly any people in this area.
We thought to have found the most amazing waterfall in the catlins. On arrival we saw three stones (just above the sign) in the water. Nothing else Ha ha a joke
Broo walking through the forest towards the Mc Leans waterfalls. I love the fern trees you see everywhere.
The McLean waterfalls where great and yes we climbed up there as well
Lake Wilky is a small bog lake and just a short walk from the road
Tautuku Bay In the 1840's there was a whaling station at the neck of Tautuku peninsula
Boardwalk into the estuary where many birds can be seen. In the distance we saw a wild deer standing in the water. No not the one on the picture. That is my brother He put it all on film
The Cathedral Caves They can only be visited by lowtide. We went in at about 5 pm.
You can walk through the caves in a half moon and come out the other entrance.
Roots swirl whimsically
sculpturing in harmony
the wondrous magic tree 

Illustrating proud the past
intertwined with new that last
Having a spontanious blast

I so loved the trees with all these roots and mosses in the Catlins and the deserted ones on the beach.


  1. Great trip, I like the tree roots all twisted and gnarled covered in lichen. The reflection on the bog pool is also great.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  3. really liked what you did with the roots at the end.

  4. Kia ora Marja,
    Enjoying very much following your adventure, and I love your poem!

  5. It's a wonderful different World where you live in Marja.

  6. Your brother must have been so impressed by your beautiful country Marja. Those pics are just stunning.

  7. Just surfing around and drifted to your blog. But had to say the pictures are spectacular. Especially
    Tautuku Bay, now that looks like heaven.

  8. I feel like I just took a trip. It is just an amazing place. And not to forget your beautiful roots. I have a tendency to like roots too. Your poem fits so well.

    I have an "Interesting Blogging Award" for you at the Gimme A Dream blogspot blog, Marja.

  9. Stunning pics - looks like a great place to visit - reminds me a bit of Hogsback in the Eastern Cape in South Africa! I especially like the Tautuku Bay and McLean waterfalls ones. My brother is emigrating to NZ (Auckland) in a couple of months time - I'm starting to really envy him! :-)

  10. What a lovely post. How homesick it makes me, to see the NZ native bush.
    Love your poem, & those wonderful photos!
    Thankyou for your kind thoughts on my blog Marja.

  11. Its so beautiful there, and so different from England! Love the tree ferns!

  12. Glorious photographs... theres something so beautiful, so sacred about falling water... about tree ferns and a wild ocean...

    Thanks for sharing and its lovely to meet you,

    Peace~Love, Maithri

  13. Oh Marja

    Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures with adorable silver ferns of the Catlin's trip. But there to be found so many varieties of ferns. The silver fern is my favour, so are the Silver Ferns (your National Netball Team). I was so carried away with the silver ferns found in the bushes of Arkles Bay I would cut them to decorate the house I rented. They looked lovely with the roses I took from garden. You have written not only of your holiday through scenic South Island but a magnificent travelogue. I'm praying that things work out for me to return and bask in the beauty of The Land of the Long White Cloud.

  14. hello sis, great to see it all back. I had a great time in new zealand and i love the pictures that you made. next time we take a look at the north island. see you in april.

  15. Hello Marja
    This is Sourik. I am a poet
    Your blog is really very nice.
    Actually , it would be nice if you drop by my blog someday and leave your comments on my poems.Please
    So , I would be waiting for your precious comments :) :)

    Wishing you good luck

  16. It is so beautiful where you live and probably this time of year it is excellent weather.

    I hope you don't have the extreme hot weather like Australia.

    Enjoy these beautiful days!

  17. Great pictures of a wonderful trip!Thank you for sharing Marja!


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