Friday, 13 February 2009

Spread your love

Tomorrow is Valentines day. Even though it is commercial I think every opportunity to spread your love is a good one. So spread your light over a loved one or over any of the people around you. I wrote a poem for you It is a work in progress but he aren't we all

Spread your love
by marja Blom

Attend closely to the people around
where fragile rays of beauty dwell
which shine through a protective shell

Catch these rays
 let their dazzling warmth
trickle through your fingers
let it open up your heart
where love and armour lingers

Use the alchemy of love
 to dissolve the colours
they become pure peaceful white s
urrounding the spirit
with bright bliss full light

When you spread your love
all become more whole
 and become more able
to show the beauty of the soul
Aroha and Happy Valentines Day


  1. Kia ora Marja

    I do like the sentiments expressed in this special occasion poem. I feel love for all vibrating from every line and with deep inspiring thoughts. The last unit incorporates the entire theme of the poem. It gives off a profound universal message.

    Thank you for this timely poem. From across the ocean I say to you and your loved ones, Happy Saint Valentine's Day.


  2. Thanks Paterika. I hope to meet you one day I am honoured to know you

    Thanks LGS It applies equally to squirrels

  3. Happy valentine's day to you too Marja

  4. Kia ora Marja,
    Happy Valentines to you and yours. Thank you for spreading your aroha.

  5. Happy Valentine's Day. Beautiful poem.

    I found you thru Reader Wil. :)


  6. Hi Marja, Wonderful poem! I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day in the Netherlands, but in the shoppingcentre there is always somebody distributing flowers or ( like today)chocolates on behalf of all the shopkeepers. Anyway we should always love our fellow humans. Hartelijke groeten, Wil

  7. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem and I do hope your St Valentine's Day is everything you hope for.

  8. I hope you had a wonderful Valentines day.
    A beautiful poem, Katie, x

  9. A nice poem and perfect for the Valentine´s Day!I hope you had a nice daY!


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