Thursday, 26 February 2009


3 1/2 Hours South of Christchurch is the town of Oamaru, which was our last place where we stayed the night on our holiday
Oemaru took us by surprise. We were especially struck by the many beautiful Victorian buildings. In the 1860's there was a gold rush to this area. During the 188o's - 1890's many of these buildings were built showing the wealth of this town during this time due to the production and transportation of grain and wool. It had a very commercial harbour. Luckily these buildings are well preserved.
The wonderland statue in the botanical gardens of Oemaru shows two children looking down on fairies, elves and squirrels
The Chinese garden
Bushy Beach. From a lookout you can see the yellow eyed penguin for free coming in at night on the beach after a day of fishing. In January 25 to 30 penguins come in. There is also a place were about 100 blue penguins come in but you have to pay to see them wandering in at 9pm or going out in the morning.
This chap was just sitting behind the fence on the walkway to the lookout together with another one. He looked a bit lost and Colin, a conservation volunteer said that they were supposed to look after their chicks. Their nest and nearly all others were destroyed by humans who had climbed over the fence. The yellow eyed pinging is one of the rarest penguins in the world so that is a big loss. Only 15% of fledged chicks usually survive to breed. This year there was no young to care for or maybe one.
Colin was very busy and me being bossie started to help inform the tourists and tell them not to flash because this disturbs the birds. One of the men with a huge camera flashed after I just told him and after repeating my message he said that it went of by itself (DUH) What they all do for a picture. Not good. Quickly Colin made me assistant general and left me to my own device. I had to go home eventually so any people wanting to safe the penguins help Colin when you get there.
(The next series will be about the Netherlands and Prague in the Czech republic at the end of May) Take care, Marja


  1. Fijn dat je ons weer hebt meegenomen naar mooie plaatsen op deze wereld. Vooral die kleine pinguins vind ik erg grappig. Gisteren ben ik naar het Omniversum in Den Haag geweest, en toen we met zijn allen het theater binnenliepen merkte iemand op dat we net een grote groep pinguins waren. We waggelden van de ene voet op de andere naar binnen. :-)

  2. Really lovely place!Yes,I must visiting NZ one day in future!

  3. Thanks Rambler

    Welkim Beppie Ja die penguins zijn erg leuk vooral hoe ze waggelen.
    Oh het omniversum moet erg mooi zijn. Je hebt het vast leuk gehad

    Welcome Soulchild Yes NZ is worthwhile to visit A real paradise

    Good one Steffi Tell me when you come

  4. Good for you for keeping the renegades in their place Marja.

    Happy organising, have a wonderful trip and don't forget to let us know when you are back.

    Travel safely and I will miss you.

  5. Hi Marja

    Yet another informative blog. Shall be waiting to hear about your travels north of the equator when you return to the Long White Cloud. Blessings to you in all your travels.


  6. Marja in Finnish means a berry:-)
    I have always wanted to see NZ. Maybe it will be possible next year. I had a pen friend from Lower Hutt when I was young, 12 years when I started the correspondence. He visited me twice in Finland as he moved to England. Nowadays everything is so different. You get friends so quickly in the net and they leave as easily. But I had a good friendship until his death. It makes me to think.
    I like your photos, very nice.
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  7. How beautiful.

    Dit is echt prachtig; jij weet toch altijd de mooie plaatsjes te vinden.

    Beautiful work and amazing pictures


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