Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Show off

Just a show off. I already told you that my boss had organised a meal in a Thai restaurant. Not only was the food delicious, the company of my work buddies great, I also got this gorgeous bowl. My house starts to look like a showroom. So for the next visitors who come over they can adore my beautiful bowl. The card I got with it says "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." Henry David Thoreau I was overwelmed and spoke the historical words "I don't know what to say" Very original isn't it. Don't know how I pulled that off. Anyway the best thing is I made friends and that's a great gift. I won't miss them because I will stay in touch. The next month I have to do a lot of writing for my course, preparation for my trip and much more which means I'll be leaving you behind from March till the the end of May. This is however not as bad as the half year blogging break I initially planned last year. So one more post (our last holiday stop), visits to all and than off. Coming back with photo's from Holland, Prague and more. I feel like a wanderer. Leaving many wonderful places I'll miss, having to say goodbye and off to the next adventure. I wander in circles though. I come back. Love you, marja


  1. That's a beautiful bowl Marja, for someone big dreams and more importantly, a big heart, you know we love you... :D

  2. The bowl is gorgeous Marja and I understand the honour that you feel. Canada is very cold this winter. When your breath doesn't freeze them is snows. The house is buried. Only the horses and the dogs seem to enjoy it. But it is pristine crystal white like an ice queen's environment, so that is a little compensation, lol!
    I hope you have a wonderful trip and get to meet all your family and friends in Europe.

  3. Travel is good for the soul...cos the Mother in Law said so!

  4. We will miss you Marja, but know you will return. I wish you joy in your travels, & am sure you will love to see Holland again!
    I know your heart belongs to both Holland & New Zealand now, so you will be coming 'home' to both countries.
    Hugs, & Bon Voyage.xx

  5. I look forward to the photos! I hope every day the weather is beautiful for you :-) Goede reis en beste wensen!

  6. Thanks M.Kate

    Oh Wynn I love winter wonderland which I know from when I was small.
    We can always access it here in winter when going to the mountains

    Steve it sure is

    Thanks dear Meggie I can't wait Stil have to buy lots of pressies and other stuff so lots of preparation fun

    Thanks Isabella as long as it doesn't rain

  7. Thats a very beautiful bowl, you are obviously very valued.
    You go back to Holland knowing you have a great life to come back to. Lucky you. Have a wonderful time, we shall enjoy your photos and stories when you get back.

  8. Wonderful gift and great quote. Enjoy your travels.

  9. Enjoy your travels,Marja! I will miss you!And I can´t wait to see your pics!Have a nice time!

  10. Great speech:)..Ik weet ook nooit wat ik zeggen moet op zo'n moment!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip..en als je in de buurt komt van Apeldoorn,please let me know.Dan gaan we een kopje thee drinken bij de koningin..op Het Loo. Be safe..take care..Enjoy!

  11. Your presence around blogland will be greatly missed Marja but what a great opportunity for you to do other things and explore wider horizons. I am both envious and happy for you.

  12. Have a WONDERFUL trip, and I'll look forward to your return --
    (HUGE bear hug) ...b

  13. Hi Marja

    Thank you very much for sharing your lovely gift. It is indeed a beautiful bowl with awesome karma in every sense of the word.



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