Saturday, 27 June 2009


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I am a child at heart and therefore I love toys. Yes and I still have some. The porcelain doll and the teddy in the picture are sitting in a gorgeous little wooden pram in my living room and I love my old timer little red car. I remember the days when my kids were small and we lived in Holland. We build a piece on our house. You walked through an arch and came in a bright room with slide doors to a wonderful garden. In that room was a little plastic kitchen, with coloured fruit in baskets, a wooden stove with little pans, a big basket full of dressing up clothes. A puppet show. Lots I bought on second hand markets or my husband made it. Like the garage with a lift for dinky toys standing next to a carpet with roads on it. He made little tables and chairs next to a shelve with paper and paint. We had a wardrobe full of blocks and games and much more. Oh what a paradise it was to see the children play. All these little people completely engaged in a fantasy world.
My toys
by marja Blom

What a mess these toys she dares to say
she, who has never time to play
I'll tell you this you Miss O midy
You are the one who makes this place look untidy

What a snobbery, a snobbery
 to want to do away with these dolls of me
I confine in them, I dine with them
I drink a cup of tea with them

They play with me, they pray with me
They are patient when I talk oui oui
I am their mother, teacher friend
 They've got all that time with me to spent
 avec moi, with me, with me

They cuddle hug and snuggle me
 At night when I'm alone in my bed
They look so pretty and cute to me
They are my dearest company
 my dolls my friends to be


  1. Love the pic and the poem. I still have many of my toys too :)

  2. Such beautiful dolls!
    And the poem was entertaining. :)

  3. Really lovely dolls! One of my neighbours collects all kind of antique dolls and toys. She has a magnificent collection of very old dolls and some of them are very rare and difficult to get. Never give them away, Marja!

  4. beautiful pictures, memories, and poem!

  5. I dont know why, but the poem brought out a level of sadness in me, I think its probably got to do with the feeling that the children never find that satisfaction in real life as they do with their toys

  6. It is beautiful marja.. seriously very moving. considering m a toy freak as well.. the point sraised and the tinge of sadness lurking in the words was powerful. thank u for writing this one.

  7. What beautiful dolls - and a delightful poem.

  8. wonderfulllllllllllllllll

    Happy SS

    Toys vs. Heart

  9. Nice post, I like it. Specially the line which says playing with them, enacting Teacher, doctor etc etc.

  10. Aww. This is such a cute little poem!

  11. What a lovely piece and such beautiful dolls. My parents collect dolls and I must say I find them quite creepy when they stare at me from their cabinet!.

  12. What a nice poem! I could feel your emotion when writing it.

    Others can reach my submission at:

  13. Very nice poem and great pics of dolls for the poem!


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