Thursday, 4 June 2009

Winter in Christchurch

View from my kitchen window this morning (I did go outside though to make a proper picture, while it was minus 3 C) On the right you see the native NZ cabbage tree
Winter is painting the land white,
 at night under the starry sky
till the touch of the morningsun sent sparkles
over the frosty land
transforming it into diamond dust
and dangling dew drops


  1. Kia ora Marja,
    It was frosty here too in the north island, and I was quite happy to dawdle in my warm bed, especially after charlie crept in for a cuddle! The Ruahines are covered white and look beautiful.

  2. Yep that looks chilly, it was much the same here this morning and will be tomorrow. Brrr Still the day was lovely and warm so we went out on a winter picnic, very enjoyable in a quiet bay further down the Sounds.

  3. Really nice photo!It looks so calm!I wish I could be there too!And great words,Marja!

  4. This photo makes me breathe deeply.
    I want to sip tea with you and look out of that window, too.

    Enjoy those winter days, as we slide into summer here.

  5. Fantastic picture, it reminds me of how much I loved the morning stillness and quiet as a kid in my hometown. This was back before everything got so rushed and crazy. You could walk out on the main highway and not see a car for a good while. Now the traffic is bumper to bumper in the morning.

  6. Looks beautiful, but I'm not quite ready for Winter yet! Still thawing out lol.

    Stay warm my friend.

  7. I did not see New Zealand in winter but when the time comes I want to see it. last winter when I was in New Zealand it was -20 celcius at night in Holland so the winter in New Zealand will be warm for me to.

  8. And I have looked out that window......

  9. Oh, I remember those crisp white mornings, & the clear beautiful days that followed. So different to where I grew up.

  10. What A Beautiful Location...The River Is so Beautiful...Excellent Photography..

  11. A cup of coffee and a view like that can work wonders :)


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