Sunday, 19 July 2009

Make the right plan

Post for sundayscribblings
Stepping stones
By Marja Blom

 Life is full of stones
You can stumble over them
You can break your bones
Or you use them for stepping up

And if you fear to go up higher
Fear to climb up to the top
Know that the view is great Up there
Know that you will feel faith Up there,

Don’t wait! Take the risk to touch a star
see the light, tune your radar
find love as your guide inside
Go for it. It is worth the fight

Up there you will understand
 It‘s your beginning not your end
It’s the start of being free
you'll feel one with all you see


  1. Hi Marja! Clever to create English poems for a Dutch woman! The photo is brilliant as well! Thanks for your visit.
    This week Tuesday I was in the gardens of kasteel Middachten, which was also worth seeing. There are still a few castles in our country too! I'll soon show some photos! Have a great weekend!

  2. Go to his blog and confront him with it! Let us all do it!! and tell him that he has to show his own work.

  3. I went to his blog and saw that he used your poem"there is nothing to fear", but he didn't use his name. I'll go back and ask him why he did this without asking. He is capable to show some good posts, so he doesn't need to use material of other bloggers.

  4. This is what I wrote to him:
    I am very sorry to see that you used the poem "There is nothing to fear" by Marja in New Zealand. Why didn't you ask? She is very upset by it. You also used her photo. You are capable enough to use your own material and photos. So what you should do is apologise to her!.

  5. Beautiful poem, Marja. I'm not sure what we can do about the plagiarism, but I think confronting him, like Reader Wil says might help.

  6. Inspiring poem!

    As for your other problem, I would probably go to his blog and say you feel highly honoured that he loves your work so much that he includes it in his blog. Then add, all you ask is he includes your name and a link to this blog and in future, to ask permission first!

    That will divert many nasty tensions!

  7. Yes I have a plan for people like that Marja! It is called Karma. What you choose to do today, another day, another way, will come back to you.
    It will come back to him too. Then you have the pleasure of saying....Ah!

  8. That sounds like a good plan, well versed.

  9. Hey Marja....It looks like the culprit has shut down his blog! He was inundated with many comments from blog and facebook friends. :) I plan to send him another email warning him that if he ever considers re-surfacing under another blog name that we will track him down again.

    It felt like a true invasion. It was jarring to say the least.

  10. stepping stones, so important, love your poem..
    and I am appalled by the plagerist, have flagged the blog as best I can...

  11. Hi reader will Thanks for your help
    The problem is solved.

    First of all TO fear is not my poem I wouldn't dare to use somebody's poem as my own I know how it feels to me I just shared it I couldn't find the author so wrote Author unknown I will put a request up to find the author

  12. loved your poem, hated to hear about someone using your material. It seems like it would be hard to stop if someone wants to stoop so low. I am glad he shut down his blog

  13. Hey Marja,

    He did turn up again with another blog, but most of the plagarized posts were gone. However, the pressure put on by the blogging community shut him down again!


    He will be watched closely

  14. Marja this is absolutely beautiful and true.

    As regards the stealer, well anytime you see someone taking credit for your writes, be sure to notify the owner of the site and keep doing it until they rectify the situation.
    Plagiarism comes with a hefty price, so people need to be careful about taking what isn't theirs!!!!!

  15. Hi Marja,

    Hope you are doing well. Loved your verses...its so true that "miracles await as you get close to a star". Loved the "It‘s your beginning not your end
    It’s the start of being free
    You will love, you will be one
    with all you see "....beautiful.


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