Sunday, 5 July 2009

A recipe for a human

Prompt human For sunday sribblings
A Recipe for a human
by marja blom

Take the fruit of evolution
Sift out the intelligence, make it into a solution
Stir in a bowl a spoon of fear taken from a memory
 a cup of happiness extracted from a melody
a pinch of C'est la vie

 Pour a billion words in a blender
 till you get a social stew
Spread it on a layer of gender
 Add the mixture from the bowl
Heat it in the oven of life
Garnish with a purpose and a soul

Add some creativity and fantasy
Take it with love and sensitivity
and a sprinkle of forgive ity
which guarantees longevity


  1. Bravo!

    What a great take on the prompt Marja!

  2. my God only you could have come up with such a twist :)


    Happy SS

    Nostalgic Human"

  3. Lovely recipe, particularly 'a pinch of C'est la vie'

  4. Great way of creating a human being, Marja!
    Thanks for your visit. How sad that the soldiers died in the Battle of Arnhem. This was a miscalculation of General McArthur.

  5. you can come and bake in our oven any time. I would like a whole batch of "forgive ity". what a great take on an interesting prompt

  6. Much nicer than "puppy-dog tails". Well conceived and written.

  7. Aww. That was a cute poem! I like that you chose to shake it up and get creative with a 'recipe'!

  8. Wow! So very creative. Bravo!

  9. Hoi Marja
    Bedankt voor je bezoekje :)
    Je woont in New Zealand WoW!!
    Dat is ver van je familie :(
    Dat is ff wennen,
    maar geweldig wat een mooi land !!
    Het is vreemd om nederlands in te tikken hihihi...
    Zoveel nederlanders ben ik nog niet tegen gekomen met bloggen.
    Ik hoop dat je ons nog eens komt opzoeken :)
    Wij komen terug want je hebt een leuk blogje :)

    groetjes Anya :)

  10. forgive ity - love it! We all need more of it!

  11. Thank you for the lovely poem, enjoyed reading it.

  12. Thanks Marja! Yes we had a heatwave until yesterday, when we were surprised by an enormous thunderstorm with strong wind and lots of rain, which was so suddenly, that the sewers couldn't work well at first and the water came out of the toilets. Fortunately it didn't last long. The garden was full of broken branches and leaves.
    Anyway I wish you a great week, Marja!

  13. Marja, I always enjoy your blog and the delightful things I read and see here.

    This is such a lovely piece.

  14. Lovely poem! Particularly like "forgive ity"

  15. LOVE the poem. Fabulous. I'm writing this one down (giving you credit of course). Keep 'em coming!


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