Saturday 4 July 2009

Midsummer nights dream

Hermia and Lysander.........................................Puck surrounded by the fairies Yesterday night I went to the play Midsummer night dream performed and interpreted by the students of Mayke's and Davy's school Unlimited. First I was a bit apprehensive to go. I knew it was a play from Shakespeare. I didn't learn much about him at school and thought it was all heavy stuff . You know what; I absolutely loved it. I was enchanted and entertained all the way through. This was of course first of all credit to the students. I was very impressed by them. The story is about two couples Hermia & Lysander and Helena &Demetrius and the many complications in their love. This is made worse by Puck a mischievous spirit. Puck was sent out by Oberon, king of fairyland to apply a flowers juice to the eyes of Demetrius. The juice will make the person fall in love with the first one he sees upon awakening. Puck mistakes however Lysander for Demetrius. In the enchanted forest where most of the story takes place Bottom the weaver and his friends Snug, Snout, Quince and Flute practise a play for the wedding of the Duke of Athens and Hippolyta, a lady warrior A lot more happened, but find that out for yourself. I feel that me on discovery of all these great experiences thinks if only education was so exciting when I was young. The theme of the play is that emotion and imagination influences the perception of human beings and a famous quote in the play is "The course of true love never did run smooth" Sight


  1. For some reason I never have read the play or have seen a performance of "Midsummer Nights Dream". I'm big now on "Hamlet" and "Julius Caesar" and the various human dynamics of the characters.

    I felt the same way when young about such high brow stuff. While in school I viewed it all as a task.

  2. Kia ora Marja,
    Just catching up after a busy week. Glad to read the cold weather hasn't stopped you from getting outside.
    Plays are very cool and Shakespeare is very good entertainment. Have a great weekend!

  3. Years ago (in a galaxy far away) my 6th grade drama students did an adaptation of this wonderful play -- I just told everyone if you cut the sex out of the play, it's about 45 minutes long!! They and the audience had a wonderful time.

    I'm so glad you were introduced to one of the more delightful comedies ... and yes, the course of true love NEVER does run smooth!!!!! (double sigh!!)


  4. We had to read the parts when I was at school. So boring. I am sure a live play would have brought it all alive so much better for us.

  5. Life is one big "midsummers nights dream' for when its cold, we dream of far off summer, and the less life asks of us in middle of winter, the more hostile the environment is.

    It is a great play and I am thrilled you enjoyed it.

    kia Kaha,


  6. I like this play of Shakespeare's very much. We used to go to Diever in Drenthe every year. That's a place where the whole village is involved in the annual performances of Shakespeare's plays. The plays are performed in an open-air theatre. It's such a great happening that people from all over the country book a long time in advance.

  7. I love the costumes, very vibrant. Shakespeare did write some heavy stuff, but it's all worth reading or even better seenig it performed. If you can get it, try Kenneth Branagh's movie Much Ado About Nothing, that's hilarious, or his Henry V. I like how you can put his plays in a different context and they still work (like Richard III with Ian McKellen, set in a 1920s Nazi Britain).


Thank you!!