Saturday, 25 July 2009

Where in the world

Prompt this week is Where in the world for Sunday Scribblings Oh I have made a few travels in the past and I loved them all. In Holland you live close to many countries so I went to Germany France Spain to name a few. There are many places in the world where I would like to go. Some of my favourites are Greece, France, Italy,Indonesia, India. When the children are older and I have some more space than I sure want to discover some. Today the place where I wanna be is home, by the fire with a glas of wine. I had a busy week, but an exciting one. I taught 11 adults a computer program and loved it. 2 hours talking is however topsport for me so my weekend is there to rest.
Where in the world would I like to be
 India or Italy, Holland or Hungary
It would all be a possibility
when I could spread my wings like a bird and soar free

Snuggling up by the crackling fire
I dream and drift in the wind
I see exotic places in silent wonder,
 I see a tapestry of coloured spaces

 It all happens in a location
which is a great place in itself
 where all are kind where magic is rule
that place is the world in my mind


  1. Kia ora Marja,
    Beautiful poem Marja, one which strikes that chord of wanderlust within me. I get to head into the mountains for 5 days, my pack is already loaded and ready to go. So I guess the mountains will have to fullfill my wanderlust. I love the thought of you sitting in front of the wood fire writing that poem. Cheers Marja!

  2. That last line is great. I, too, spend a lot of time in my mind. It's a magical place.

  3. Wonderful Marja...looks like you really loved your week and needs some deserving weekend rest. have a nice weekend!

    Second stanza of your poem was so beautiful that i imagined the crackling fire and a nice cozy chair by it.....sitting there with closed eyes...drifting of to all those nice places!

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  5. Lovely poem, Marja and as someone has said, it really gets the wanderlust going. I've never been to Italy, but would love to see it some day.


  6. Wonderful poem ,my dear Marja! Sorry please I am so quiet at the moment....but we are very busy here.I haven´t forget you!

  7. if i'd b anywhere that'd b in my lover's arms :)

    Check out my prompt at
    Where in the world

  8. I was trying to say that... one of my favorite places that I spend a great deal of time in is my mind...
    Love the poem Marja!!

  9. I like to spend a lot of time in my mind, but there are those that say I am out of my mind. I guess in my mind or out of my mind is all the same place to me.
    Nice post. have an extra glass of wind for me.

  10. Lovely poem. I'd still love to spread my wings and soar to exotic places, but visiting them in the mind is a passable substitute.

  11. beautiful poem.

    On my list of places to go is Holland. I would love to go there for a couple of months!

  12. great imagination - think 'there' and be there...

  13. Nice to see you keeping on blogging Marja. I am sure it is a source of inspiration for you.

  14. Nice poem. I could see the eagerness and curiosity...Wish we had wings, Just spread wings and reach every beautiful place.

  15. Lovely poem, Marja!

    Go to these places while you can - there is so much stopping us later in life!

  16. I do hope you get to visit the places on your list. I'm fortunate in having visited all of the places you mentioned, but I have only been able to do so since the family have flown the nest!

  17. Lovely poem. I would love to travel to Italy some day too.

  18. Often, the best traveling is that done in our mind! Nice post!

  19. My wanderlust usually has be going to tropical places with blue water and warm sandy beaches. But after reading Pat Conroy's book "Beach Music" were the main character lived in a self-imposed exile in Rome I often find myself dreaming of walking the streets of the eternal city.

    Your poem has be thinking of the Rome again.

  20. Where in the world would we be without dreaming, it leads to doing doesn't it?

  21. Forgive me for not coming by sooner.

    I love your destination (home); I'm there too.

    I was reading Lioness's S.S. and she sounded so young and free.

    I was there too but now, the simple pleasure of home and family are where I am now.

    Nice to meet you!


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