Monday, 3 August 2009

Solong farewell auf wiedersehen goodbye

photo Kim anderson

When I was thinking of the above title, my son ,being silly, was actually singing it when he left for school "solong, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye. Just another coincidence. But anyway you got it I am leaving.

I choose this photo of Kim Anderson as the last simply because it is so beautiful and if you want to take one thing from me then I would like that to be that you tell your children how special they are.
I am choosing to spent more time in life outside Blogging. More things have come up, still want to learn some things but it was hard to make that choice because I love Blogging. To peek in different worlds, make friends and to see there is so much beauty around us. I collected beautiful quotes and stories which I can revisit whenever I want just as I can revisit you when time permits. I know when I keep on Blogging the things I want to do are going to be side tracked.
I still had so much to tell, so much planned but found that I just didn't have the time. But one day a big wave will take me and and I will splash it out all over you.
I don't have the perfect end. It is just time for change. If you ever come to Christchurch let me know my blogging friends and I put the coffee ready. I leave my Blog and I wish you well and leave you with the following quote
For nothing is fixed, forever and forever and forever, it is not fixed; the earth is always shifting, the light is always changing, the sea does not cease to grind down rock. Generations do not cease to be born, and we are responsible to them because we are the only witnesses they have. The sea rises, the light fails, lovers cling to each other, and children cling to us. The moment we cease to hold each other, the sea engulfs us and the light goes out. James Baldwin
Thank you, Aroha and I will miss you Marja


  1. Je bedoelt dat je er mee ophoudt?? Ah, sheesh, But I understand, it does take so much time!

    Het allerbeste!

    Groeten uit Sneek (ik zit bij mijn moeder)

  2. I have enjoyed your bloggy friendship and am sad to see you go. But, on the other hand, you can go out and live real life and, if you have a spare moment, come and share it!

    I am glad that you have made your choice, and I will always feel that 'real life' is the right choice when compared to 'blog life'.

    If you are ever up Taranaki way, the offer for coffee stands for you, too!

  3. Thnak Miss footloose en fijn om weer thuis te zijn is het niet.Veel plezier in Sneek.

    Thanks Bettyl I would love to As you know were going next year or the year after up to the North Island. Hope to see you than

  4. Marja, I will miss you terribly, but I know full well the need to step away. I've done it recently and I am sure I'll do it again.

    Life is indeed precious and time does tick away so fast. Take this time to do those things you want and to retouch the lives of those dearest to you.

    Come back when you have the time, we'll be here and if not we'll be in touch with what has been written as you say, we can always revisit that.

    Besides I have a way of contacting you... I guess I could try smoke signals as well lol.

    Take care, be well and know you are thought of with such fondness

  5. Thanks Missy I won't forget about you and look out for your smoke signals. XXX

  6. Kia ora Marja,
    Just returned from the wintry Ruahine. You will always be in my thoughts. Stay in touch and pop in for a visit now and again. Kia kaha!

  7. I hope you had a good time Robb. Thanks for your friendship. I will stay in touch

  8. I can't believe that your leaving your blog forever. You told us earlier to do the same, but aftr a while you came back and we all were glad to see that happen.
    Sometimes we all need a break to reload with new ideas or to make time free for other things. I also used time for a loooong break and now I'm back. We made friends all over the world and I won't miss that friendship and the stories I read from all parts of this beautiful place called World. Take enough time to do the things you have in mind and I'm sure you will come back later with the most beautiful stories and poems.
    We blijven contact houden hoor Marja.

  9. Bye for now Marja, and do know that you are remembered, never forgotten. You are the 2nd blogger I know saying goodbye today, but I guess..after some time, it happens. we all got all excited in the beginning and eventually it will change...but come back anytime. We will miss you a lot, hugs/M

  10. I have only just found your blog again only to lose you again! That is a little sad, but life always calls for us all to live! The call can't go unheeded! It is important to live and not just exist!

    Wishing you happiness as you find new spirit and soul around and in you!

  11. Take care and thanks for your friendship, tho brief.

  12. Take care and thanks for your friendship, tho brief.

  13. Sure gonna miss you, old pal! Please take good care of yourself.

  14. Oh no!!!

    I was just beginning to get to know you.

    Oh no!

    You're my only friend in New Zealand.

    Please enjoy your time away, but do come back if you miss us at all.


  15. Herman I've got quite some long term obligations so I will email you

  16. M.Kate You were a great friend Good luck and when time permits I'll will visit

  17. Greyscale territory Yes I know sometimes life is like that Thanks for your inspiring words

    Thanks sunshine

    Big hugs Dickiebo I will miss you

    Sorry Suzan Life got in the way Take care

  18. Keep the coffee ready, I looking into expatriating and I might show up at any moment. Especially if they run me out of the country, I was called a " political instigator" recently.

  19. No Way BB That's ridiculous That person who said that must have a problem. We would love to have you here though.I put the coffee ready for you. keep in touch.

  20. BB it is probably because you think more broadly and deeper than others do.

  21. Marja....I will think of you often as I do now. I too am struggling with the idea of walking away from my blog as I know its an obsession I am having a tough time balancing with the rest of my life.
    Take good care....I'm always just an email away. We'll be in touch I'm sure.


  22. It's always a little sad to see a great blog come to an end. But we live in hope that you will continue to visit us and perhaps one day when the inconsiderate real world will allow, we will see you return to blogging. In the meantime, know that you will be greatly missed. Selamat jalan, Marja.

  23. Thank You Marja for sharing us your bit of the World. Been enjoying reading your verses. But as you said "real life" call is always priority one. Have a whale of time doing whatever you are at!

    Wishing you peace and happiness always!

    Would sure "hope" to see you come back some time...Cheers

  24. I suspect that we are the only witnesses to those past. . . The poem moved me, Baldwin was always succinct.
    I suspect that you will be back to blogging. It is hard to remove yourself from those willing to share thoughts and experiences. Bye

  25. Aroha and enjoy the great big world out there.

  26. Marja, I will miss you... but life calls and things change and if it didn't then we wouldn't be truly that quote.. take care, Katie, x

  27. Thanks Dana That would be nice to keep in touch It is like I got to know you through your Blog

    Selemat jalan LGS I'll miss you and will pop in from time to time

    Thanks dear swapnap I'll hope so too but it will take a long time I think

    Thanks dear Pete Take care

    Dear Katie I really loved that quote too. I will miss you too

  28. I shall miss you...

    God bless!:)


  29. I will miss you. We still be here if you want to return and tell us what you have been doing. I hope so but no pressure xxx

  30. Oh there comes a time when everyone feels this way........take care and know you were loved are loved and always will be........
    pass the tissues..Oh I mean Tuis!

  31. Oh, this is going to be sad. As everybody says we will all miss you. Hope you can take time out when you can to visit our blogs :)


    P.S:- And to think I just gave you an award. Please visit my blog - for the award.

  32. Marja, I will miss you!Nevertheless I hope very to hear from you again,my friend!


  33. Miss you to Cyrus

    Thanks Karen for your friendship I'll hop in when time permits

    Thanks Steve I already miss you guys and blogging but I get a lot more done now

    Steffi I'll keep in touch

    Miss you too rambler

  34. Just a note to say hello and I hope all is well. May this day bring you much happiness.

  35. Marja, Bless you in your journey forward.
    I hope you realise some of your dreams, & most of all I wish you joy!
    Love & hugsxx

  36. Marja, there is no doubt you shall be missed, I always enjoyed your nice comment and also your well written blog, specially some of your foreign ones while you were overseas .earlier this year.
    Goodbye and good luck, remember you can always come back, even briefly.

  37. I'm sure that you will be missed

  38. Marja, it's so good seeing you stopping by now and they. You are indeed missed. Hope things are going well for you and the family. Many hugs being sent your way


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