Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Poem of the day

Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn!
Look to this Day!
For it is Life, the very Life of Life.
In its brief course lie all the
Verities and Realities of your Existence.
The Bliss of Growth,
The Glory of Action,
The Splendor of Beauty;
For Yesterday is but a Dream,
And To-morrow is only a Vision;
But To-day well lived makes
Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness,
And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope.
Look well therefore to this Day!
Such is the Salutation of the Dawn!

By Kalidasa


  1. Happy New Year and lots of great events coming to you in your beautiful country! Thanks for your visits last year!
    This poem is great!

  2. Great photos and poem. Have a great year, Marja.

  3. Excellent poem telling the true meaning of life.

  4. Beautiful poem Marja. Happy 2010 and may this year brings lots of happines to you and your beautiful family...love/M


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