Sunday, 10 January 2010

Beyond Borders Movie

After a day of studying on Saturday and  some housework I had a rest on the couch at night watching Beyond Borders on TV. The movie made quite a bit of impact on me.  I found the story a bit misplaced; a holliwood love story against a background of war, famine, starvation and corruption in which Sarah (Angelina Jolie) was dressed like a fashion queen. But on the other side the movie gave a realistic impression about the horrors in the world. It stirred a lot of feelings in me of guilt and sadness about the situation many people live in. It reminds me to give refugees to our countries a welcoming feeling whenever you get the change because you have no idea what they went through. They are coming to find some peace and I admire the people who accept them and help them further in their journey.

Anyway the movie Beyond Borders is about Dr Nick, a relieve worker, who crashes a party in London to plead for money for his refugee camp in Ethiopia. Sarah, a sheltered woman get intrigued and gets her money together in order to provide supplies. She falls in love and follows him to two other disaster areas, the jungle in Cambodia and to the war in Chechnya over a time period of ten years. Eventhough I found some things a bit weird, I stil found it a worthwhile and good movie to see.


  1. Angelina would look good in anything :)

  2. Thanks for this Marja. I must watch it.

    the message sounds raw and compelling.

    Have a good week.


  3. Hi Marja,

    When I saw your headline I hoped it was about this movie.

    I saw it some time ago and was really struck by how much goes on that we in the US (and most of the civilized world) are just unaware of.

    Although less so everyday.

    Thanks for telling your readers about it as I think it has a powerful message about the exploitation of 3rd and 4th worlders that we need to consider seriously as we slide into a consumerist world that has no difficulty of thinking about its own comforts solely.

    Hope you are doing very well.


  4. I haven't heard about this movie. Of course the theaters where I live very seldom show movie that is not guaranteed to make a lot of money. Any movie with a conscious that attempts to illustrate something of the human condition is looked upon with suspicion.

    I'll have to wait for the DVD.


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