Saturday, 16 January 2010

Quote of the day

Thoughts can create such a barrier that even if you are standing before a beautiful flower, you will not be able to see it. Your eyes are covered with layers of thought. To experience the beauty of the flower you have to be in a state of meditation, not in a state of mentation. You have to be silent, utterly silent, not even a flicker of thought - and the beauty explodes, reaches to you from all directions. You are drowned in the beauty of a sunrise, of a starry night, of beautiful trees.  Osho


  1. Wonderful set of pictures,Marja and great words!Have a nice weekend!

  2. Those are great photos! Especially that black and white butterfly against the red flowers!

  3. Hi Marja,
    All of your pictures are just lovely and the quote is wonderful!
    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. That quote is so true. I aim to do more of that in my life - just be more aware. Lovely photos.

  5. You have to be silent, utterly silent...

    That in the nutshell is the problem with most Americans. None of us can keep our mouths shut for very long, if at all.

    The local zoo has a botanical garden and if you arrive as soon as they open in the morning during early spring you can see the most wonderful things if you are quiet. The garden borders a river and forest and often animals will come out and prowl the grounds.

    Now as soon as the noisy crowd flows in they run back to the forest which proves your post.

  6. Hello Marja
    This post is visually beautiful and thoughtworthy. I have great difficulty being in an utter state of meditation....maybe one day it will come to me or another lifetime.

    Hope your new job is exhilarating and I send you light and love to help overcome the fear that always exists when we start something new.


  7. Hi Marja! Sorry for the delay, but a new year always brings new troubles... ;)
    Great quote, lovely pictures, excellent post!!

    Meanwhile a new blog is born: Blogtrotter Two! Hope you enjoy at least as much as the previous version and look forward to reading your comments!
    Have a great week ahead!!! Gil

  8. I agree with you .....wonderful revealation that thoughts indeed can be barriers. Have a nice Sunday.

    Been off for a while but guess to be back on track.

  9. Now here is the challenge!

    How to be Silent enough so to perceive the same Silence within a flower for instance.

    That Silence is always there, the problem is that the noise in our heads has taking over us until a point that we are no longer One with what we are doing or contemplating.

    I saw once an interesting video talking about this. I´ll send it to you as soon as I find it.

    It´s easy to do it in Nature as your quote says here. Not that easy to Feel it when surrounded by your mother-in-law :-) (just an example) ...

  10. Good luck with your new job - you can do it. Just believe.

    This is a lovely quote - and so true. We need to take time to smell the roses - and see the flowers.

  11. I love the pictures Marja. Love the words even more..when it is silence, I crave for the children and when they are around, I wish I have silence. I know. It's a struggle for me. hehe :)

  12. beetje moeilijk in de winter

  13. Lovely photo´s and your quote is so true!Thank you for sharing!


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