Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Living in a fairytale

I am living in a fairytale. Thanks to your support over the last 2 years I was brave enough to submit some of my poems I wrote on my blog to the poetry twentyten project....and guess what? Two of my poems were choosen and showcased among really good real poets.

Oh and yes I must make more time now to write poems again and of course to visit you all soon.
Love marja


  1. Van harte gefeliciteerd ,
    wanneer breng je je eerste gedichtenbundel uit?
    Ga zo door


  2. Marja I am so very proud of you, this is a huge accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself. Yay!!! I'm celebrating for you.

  3. Kia ora Marja,
    That is awesome and well deserved. Those of us who read here always knew that. What a great result and I am proud to know such a poet! Kia kaha.

  4. Thanks Pieter moet ik er eerst nog een paar bijschrijven

    Thanks Trish and Rob

    Missy dear friend you should send in some. You are a great poet

    Thanks my friend Hope your leg is a bit better. In summer I will travel through the north island and might come by for a coffee

  5. WOW Marja, Congratulations!!!
    I knew it was only a matter of time before your poetry would be recognised and showcased.
    No you are not dreaming and not living in a fairytale...this is REAL LIFE!
    Big big hugs
    Peggy xxx

  6. Congrats and i know you will do fabulously well. Happy weekend..hugs and love ya too.

  7. Hello marja,

    Congrats friend, thats a real happy news u shared, lovely......Praying for u, to have more blessings to write more beautiful poems.. :)

  8. Congratulations! Thanks for your visit! Were you in the Netherlands last year on Queen's Day? Then you must have witnessed the awful drama caused by that young man who crashed his car against the obelisk in Apeldoorn. He killed 7 people. He wanted to hit the royal bus.

  9. Oh you are so sweet dear Peggy
    I find it stil strange that I roam around real writers on the net
    I had such a good time when you and stonewever were in Christchurch
    maybe we'll meet again one day

    Thanks you dear reader dais That is so nice

    Thanks wil I suddenly remeber That was awful that day

  10. Congratulations!

    Sorry, I have not dropped by more often. Work and the kids have been crazy lately.


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