Saturday, 1 May 2010

Message in a bottle

This was one of my first poems I wrote end 2007 I wrote it for..........Writers Island.  As the prompt is the same today I recycled it.  Work fills up my days lately but I hope to return to writing next week as I miss it. Thanks to writers Island for coming back and welcome to all

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Message in a bottle
By Marja Blom

A bottle drifting off
playing hide and seek
in the waves until
softly colliding with the sand

Reflecting sunlight sparkles
awaken him from a world
of missed opportunities
revealing the empty horizon of today

His eyes catch the bottle
carrying a mystery
a message from the sea

Dear God,
Mum says dad is far away
so far we can't go there
Tell him I was angry
but I do love him
Give me a sign that he is ok
Love, Billy
24 lyttelstreet,

A tear colouring the ink
and painting his heart 
 in vibrant new colours
using a postcard as canvas
for his shining spirit
he sends a message

Dear Billy,
Whatever happened
your dad loves you very much
He is doing well
A messenger from God

Leaving the hollowness
he enters a future
 filled with his family 
returning the value
to his loved ones.


  1. Hi Marja! Lovely!!

    Curious about Halicarnassus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great weekend!!

  2. How sensitive and very beautiful! I didn't know that this was the first prompt for Writer's Island so long ago!

  3. Sadly, many never receive the reply, and the ending is not so happy.

  4. Came very close to being sent faraway back in 2005, so this hit home for me.

  5. How tender. And God's reply helps the healing.

  6. Beautiful poem Marja. You made me to go the beach tomorrow looking for another message. Good idea....

  7. What a lovely thought, a reply to the message.

    Our lives are blessed with small kindnesses, and your own kindness shows in this poem, Marja. I'm new to the community and loving it!

  8. Lovely images and messages from the bottle. Really love the idea of the message in a bottle and you've done a great job with this.



  9. This is beautiful Marja.

  10. Thank you for the lovely poem! It reminds me of the time that my father was somewhere out there at sea and in continuous danger of being torpedoed by either the Japs or the Germans. We knew nothing about him then, for we were prisoners in a concentration camp. Thank you!

  11. Thanks all

    Will that must have been very hard
    That will stay with you for a lifetime

  12. nicely recycled Marja...thanks for sharin this


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