Saturday, 8 May 2010

Christchurch: Tagore's 150th birthday at Hornby High School

My friend at work, Bhaswati,  invited me to the 150th bithday of Rabindranath Tagore next week. She designed the above poster. Clever he.
Tagore is one of only 106 people to receive the Nobel Laureate in Literature, which he received in 1913.
Amit rajit, my friends husband wrote that "he is the only person to have written the national anthum of two countries- India and Bangladesh. He was a great poet whose work include dance drama, songs stories, poems etc. He mostly gave own music to his songs.

Bhaswati and Amit are two of the organisers of the event in Christchurch which celebrate the work and life of the poet. The high point will be a dance based on a mythological story.

I can't wait and will show you all about it.
If you live in Christchurch come and celebrate with us as it is a free event and there is nice food for sale.

Underneath a video with one of Tagore's poems It is so beautiful

This morning I visited my friends in the childrens home and tonight I have a party at a fellow bloggers home.
At work I am about to set up a course to make calendars with pictures and quotes. Love it. Already started practising. With all this excitement how do I get time to write If only the day had more hours.


  1. Beautiful words carried by a wonderful melody. I pushed the replay button.... twice. :-)
    I have the same problem with the hours in a day....

  2. good info..
    I also enjoy

  3. Lovely Marja. Thanks for the invitation. It would be lovely to go. Pity it's so far. Enjoy your celebration.

  4. This is wonderful Marja. I also wish I had more hours in the day :)

  5. Hi! Marja,

    As an indian i feel proud to see this post in your wonderful blog, the great Rabindranath heart is filled with joy for this post from you...thank you marja and enjoy the best...enlighten the world thru ur posts again...

  6. Herman I repeated the video several times as well.

    AnuC welcome to my blog

    Thanks karen what ashame isn't it there are so much fun things to do

    Thanks elisabeth would have loved to meet you here

    All reason to be proud reader Dais
    Your country brought forth many great people. Ghandi is one of my hero's

  7. Hi Marja,

    Tagore was a great man, a literateur and a Nobel Prize winner. So proud that you are making others aware of him.

  8. ...humanistic values and sympathy for the poor.

    A great man but his values have largely been forgotten here in the United States I fear. It all about money here and it will be our downfall.

  9. Very lovely!Enjoy your celebration.And nice song,Marja!


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