Sunday, 2 May 2010

A walk in the park

We walked for 2 hours today. A lot of climbing on ladders and steps against the steep incline of the hill which led us to a little waterfall. The spraying water was a nice refreshment.

A cabbage tree under the blue sky.

"Who is the strongest" said the stone with a voice of authority. "Me" said the cheeky tree and split up the stone.
View from the big rock in Orton Bradley. There are many tracks here and we nearly did them all (not today though) It is always quiet in the park. You don't meet much people. It is a bit further form the city and it is a private park so you have to pay a little but it is worth every dollar
After the walk we went for a late lunch to Lyttelton and just missed the oppertunity to go on the biggest Navy ship in NZ (9000 tonnes) , the HMNZS Canterbury. It is used to provide relief assistance in disasters
and if you are planning to make our waters unsafe you have to put up with this young man and ship
This jailhouse dog was staring at me on our way home. Luckily he had a lazy sunday afternoon


  1. What a day you have had Marja and in what landscape. The sky is so blue and that split rock amazing.

  2. amazing pic...especially the split up stone...and the view from the big rock in Orton

    ...the dog is so big that is almost scary :)

    hug, p

  3. Marja, what lovely photos. Isn't it amazing what nature can do. I thought how striking it was to see that Tree right in the middle of that rock.

    Great to see you writing again.

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful walk!! NZ is a gorgeous country!

  5. Wow, it looks like it's still Summer in CHCH. The dog pic is my fave, he looks like he needs a cuddle.

  6. Hi Marja! What a wonderful walk. The pictures are excellent!!

    What about Ephesus? Blogtrotter Two has it... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

  7. Oh my! I wish my "walk in the Park" was as good as that!

    And what a fantastic stone!

  8. great pictures so you had a nice day. I love the walks in New Zealand.

  9. Awesome pictures! Orton Bradley is stunning! New Zealand is a fantastic land.

  10. Fantastic set of photo´s ,Marja!I wish I could be there too!


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