Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Nostalgia of my birthplace

Wijchen is a modern town with a population of 40.000 people, in the South - East of the Netherlands, close to Nijmegen. When I was young the population was about 4000. In the past the town had it's own slang as most cities and towns had in that time. Also many people knew each other which isn't the case anymore as it has grown a lot and lots of people from the West came to live in our town. Some of the welknown people are stil there though. I was born and lived in Wijchen for about 30 years

A few of many places where I spend my time in the past; The lane with the trees I walked through to go to kindergarten, which was next to a monastry. We were looked after by the nuns

The church in the town centre. When we visited last year  the choir was practising and some of the people who were in the choir when I was young are stil singing along.

The cafe on the top left picture was from our neigbour and inn keeper. The building on the left wasn't there in the past. Her name Zus, which means sister is written on the wall as a memory. I liked her and visited her twice when I came back to Holland. She was quite a character. If people got on the wrong foot with her she would ignore them when they ordered their beer. She was also afraid of birds and I remember her running on the street and a neighbour had to catch the bird before she would go back in. A friend and me looked after the cafe when she had to practise for the choir for the above church. I spend lots of hours there in the weekends.

On the top right is a great restaurant cafe owned by manon and her greek husband. . She was in the same class at primary school and we went once on holiday together with a group of 6 teenagers. The restaurant is situated at the market place. Every thursday morning there is a market with vegetables, cheese, clothes and more. The market extended till in front of our house.

The photo in the middle is the cafe terrace of Geert whose cardboard picture is standing there. You can't see the cafe with a big hall where I went to the disco every sunday afternoon (yes I was a big party animal) my parents had fashion shows in there and we had many weddings (and funerals) there.

Wijchen Castle

Living in the centre of Wijchen I lived close to Wijchen castle This castle started as a defensive tower in the 14th century. In the beginning of the 1600 it was owned by Emilia, daughter of Prince WiIlem of Orange.
Willem of orange was the leader in the eighty year war ,to free the United provinces (belgium, luxemburg and the netherlands) from the Spanish. The war ended in 1648 but Willem got assassinated in 1584 by the Catholic Frenchman Balthasar Gérard who was a supporter of the Spanish King.

Willem of orange or Willem the silent became prince of orange in 1544. The netherlands are stil ruled by the house of orange Nassau. Orange is therefore the Dutch colour So if you see a lot of orange during the soccer world cup than that is us
I played in the gardens of the castle as a child, learned to skate on the canal surrounding the castle and I got married in the castle as a part is used as town hall.

Most of my family is stil living in Wijchen so I am surely visit there again.


  1. ♥♥ Olá, amiga!
    Conheci seu cantinho...
    Amei mesmo!!! ♥
    Criativo e encantador!...
    As fotos são belíssimas!
    Você é muito talentosa.
    Uma ótima semana!
    ♥♥ Itabira ♥

  2. What a nostagic journey you have gifted us with. I felt your town come to life and I actually felt I was there as Sus flew out of the cafe, much as the bird that she feared.

  3. While I was in the army I was deployed to Europe in 1987 for several months. Had a chance to see a lot of the countryside in both what was then West Germany and the Netherlands.

    It was very beautiful and the people were extremely friendly to a dumb country boy from South Carolina who was always asking a lot of stupid questions. If I am lucky I will visit both countries again before I die.

  4. Thats truly a beautiful piece -chapter of your life.Happy to read and thank you for sharing.

  5. It looks a lovely old town! Its a shame sometimes when little towns swell and become much bigger. Nobody knows everybody else any more and the sense of family is lost.

    You obviously have lots of happy memories of it!

  6. great pictures sis. I will make some more pictures of our town in the next weeks because it changed a lot again.

  7. This is like a little fairytale place! I so love the variety of beautiful building styles! A wonderful collection of photos!

  8. Thank-you so very much for taking us on a tour of your hometown! What a wonderful place to grow up. You are very blessed.

  9. Mooie laats! Daar moet ik ook eens naar toe! Leuk verhaal, Marja! en je foto's zijn prachtig.

  10. Such wonderful photos and interesting history! Thanks so much for sharing.


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