Sunday, 15 August 2010

A trip to the city

The winter has been wet and dark. In a couple of weeks spring starts again and  we will be making more trips to the city as there will be always something going on in spring and summer. It is already starting
There was an Indian exhibitian and dancing in the art gallery called "colours of India" Very vibrant colours as you can see. You can visit it till the 22nd of August. Next week another friend who makes sculptures wil have an exhition at the Art Gallery.
A touch of Indian culture in the Art Gallery. Baswhati posed for me in one of her nice dresses

A shot of  part of my favourite place in Christchurch: The Art Centre It was a former High School and University. Now you can buy here arts and crafts.

In the summer we eat here some food  and listen to music while having this view

Even the trees are dressed warmly this winter


  1. I have been there and I liked it very much. It is good to have a lively cultural centre like that. One can learn so much with each visit. Never saw the warmly dressed trees though.

  2. what a nice contribution. thanks for sharing..

    hug, p

  3. I have been in your city as well LGS Maybe at the same time you were here so we missed each other. A petty you didn't see the warmly dressed tree. Pretty common here :)

    Nice to see you again Patricia

  4. Fascinating photos! Love those Indian dresses! And it is so lovely to see the Arts Centre! My hubby is always telling me how beautiful it is! (He lived in Christchurch for many years!) But he said he can't remember a tree being dressed like that!

  5. Lovely pics and glad to hear that you got to see a slice of India!

    The tree should be really lucky to be taken care so well!Wonderful.

  6. Hi Gemma I didn't know your husband lived in Chch You must visit it one day and visit us or have a coffee

    Thanks swapnap These dresses are just gorgeous aren't they

  7. Oh how annoying I missed the Indian festival - I would have been very interested in that!

    Marja - did you know about the writing competition? It's on at the Art Gallery on 29th August. Google it to find out more. Maybe we could meet for a coffee - would be lovely to catch up.

    BTW do you know who clothed the tree in that lovely piece of knitting graffiti ? (it wasn't me!!) ;o)

  8. Kia ora Marja,
    Tara and I had our picture taken leaning on that middle pillar back in 1994 when on my first trip down that way. We have it framed on our book shelf. Christchurch has a vibrancy I really enjoy,can't wait to visit again.

  9. Wonderful pictures Marja. Have a great week.

  10. onley 4 mounths left and then we will go together to the artscentre.
    I can't wait to see christchurch and my family there again.

  11. Stoneweaver the Indian festival end at the 22nd of August so you can stil go
    I can't the 29th but would love to catch up soon
    Don't know the dressers of the tree

    Oh cool Robb So you are in NZ already for quite some time. We came here in 97 Yep I love christchurch and would love to meet you here one day

    Thanks KB

    Bert we can't wait to see you either

  12. Christchurch by the river is truly lovely...

  13. What a interesting post,Marja!I love the pics.The pic of the sculpture is really funny.You live in a such nice location!!

  14. What a funny little project. Delightful, really. Will the woolies stay on until nature has its way?


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