Sunday, 5 September 2010

7.1 earth quake at dutch corner in Christchurch

                                            Liquefaction , which is the transition of the soil from a solid state to a liquefied state because the shaking causes increased water pressure.

A loud Roarrrrrrrrrr, rumble, zoooaaaa, roarrrrrrrr at 4.35 in the morning."oh my god look at that wall" My husband was sitting straight in bed. Me being night blind didn't see a thing but something shaked the bed wildly.
Than he jumped out of bed. Aarr just in front of his nose the shelves tumbled down. Boing boing with a thump the wooden shelves and many books fell on the floor. Hubby jumped backwards on the bed again. "The children" I screamed and jumped and run towards their rooms. " Out of bed, dress yourself " We stumbled  in the dark, the ground still moving and shaking like a tumble dryer. It all took 2 minutes but it felt like hours.

After shakes kept coming  and we were all trying to find the torch. "Who had it last Where is it". Yes we were well prepared. NOT! The next scary thing was that the we couldn't get the doors open. The wooden wall was  slightly distorted. We pushed and pushed and finally the door swung open.  We didn't know what to do Go outside stay under the door post. The latter seemed the best. Slowly the rumbles went less. We didn't go back to bed, checked out the damage when the sun came up, checked on our neighbours and started to clean up the mess. A few shops were open on Saturday and the water and batteries were sold out quickly.

We also checked out the liquefaction on the road and in the garden. We heard that word on the radio. Because of the shaking water underneath the earth comes up and is under pressure. It comes out as a yellow liquid spewing through a little hole. There is so much pressure it breaks up the road and builds little sand volcano's. There are a few in our street and you can see one above on the picture.

At night we camped in our house, candles on and cooking in the dark.  Every half an hour the house shakes violently again. We were tired and went to bed early to be woken again a couple of times being shaken and we walk around like cocktails today : ). We jumped in the air this morning when we had water again although we still have to boil it. This afternoon we had power again yihaa. What a treasure that is

The kids don't go back to school yet for a couple of days. There is a curfew for the city centre which is a danger zone. It is protected by police and army at night.

(I was just holding the computer as there was just a huge after shock again The floor moves back and forwards, the lamps are swinging. It keeps scaring you.)

Nobody died wich is a miracle but not completely. Our house and most of the older houses for example are designed to move when an earthquake hits The load bearing beams are sitting on top of the piles with a piece of wire. The only thing what is fixed is the chimney therefore hundreds of chimneys fell down
People keep calling and everybody  is so caring including you dear blogging people. You realise with these disasters that things are not important at all.


  1. Dear Marja

    So happy to read that you are fine and survived the quake. What a story you have to tell. Stay safe. Bob

  2. Thank God, no casualties. Pray hard my fren. God bless.

  3. So glad to see you here! I was quite concerned and left a note on your last blog post as did a number of others! It must have been quite an experience for you! Still take great care!

  4. Thanks dear friends There is 2 billion dollars worth of damage to buidings and infrastructure so it will take quite a while to get back on track. We are so happy though to have water again.

  5. Kia ora Marja,
    Like Bob, I am so happy to just know you are okay, and to read your amazing story. I will leave it at that for now. Kia kaha e hoa.

  6. My daughter says it was the scariest moment of her life that she will never forget. I am pleased you haven't had too much damage personally. I like the pictures and explanation of the sand volcanos, they are something we had not heard of before.
    Hopefully the after shocks will soon be over and you can return to a semblance of normality.

  7. Good to read that everything is ok with you all.



  8. What a blessing to find you and your family are safe and sound Marja.
    I have never experienced an earthquake. It sounds like a very frightening experience and it happened out of the blue didn't it (no warning).
    Very happy to hear you have water and power again.
    Peggy xxx

  9. Glad you are ok. Your photos and info are really interesting.

  10. Heard about the earthquake only briefly on the American news channels and was shocked. I understand completely about the problem finding the torch. We have about four in the house and can never find them we the power goes out.

    Glad you are okay!
    Hope the aftershocks stop soon and my best to everyone down there.

  11. Hi Marja

    I'm so happy to read that you and your family are safe because of the miracle in ChristChurch...and what a glorious name falling from the lips.


  12. Thank God that you are safe and sound! That was pretty heavy by the looks of it! It looks like a bombardement! It's a miracle that nobody was killed. Take care, may God bless you and your family, Marja!

  13. When I heard about the earthquake in Christchurch, I immediately thought of you. Glad to know that you and your loved ones are well. From your account, I sense it must have been a very scary experience. Wishing you all the best.

  14. Thank goodness you are OK. I can't imagine what it must have been like, particularly in the night when things take on a different dimension.

  15. Gosh you had it bad! We felt an after shock even today - though we feel them as slight judders. We were in Animates stocking up on cat biscuits yesterday and the whole place was shaking with all the bird cages rattling and we and other customers were just going 'Oh that must be a tremor' It's like we are used to it! Anyway - glad you are ok and as you say things not as important as lives. It was good it was 4.30 am not pm!
    Take care and get some rest.

  16. Thanks you all so much Keith it was a blessing that it was at night Everybody was safe at home and not in the danger zone. You knew were everybody was. Restaurants in the city which collapsed completely were full of people in the afternoon.
    Cars which got stoned were empty.
    It was scary but it could't have been at a better time

  17. Goed te horen dat jullie allemaal oke zijn..dat moeten angstige momenten zijn geweest! Ik zie de beelden hier op tv en dat ziet er heftig uit..

    Be safe..

  18. Mother of God, Marja. What a mercy there were no fatalities. I've noted Christchurch on my blog prayer list. Thinking of you all. Love, Annie

  19. Good to know no one was hurt. It must have been awful though. Take care.

  20. Can't believe how some areas have been so badly hit - and others barely a mark. Been fine here , but have driven north today - not rubbernecking, but saw enough.
    Glad you are all ok :)

  21. I´m so happy that you are fine!I saw it at T.V.and I was really worried about it.I have written to you a eMail but I´m not sure if you received it.
    Take care!


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