Monday, 6 September 2010

a break through the earth

We survived an 7.1 magnitude earth quake. We were blessed that it was at night, when people were safe in their houses which are built to move in case of an earth quake. Because of the soft soil it didn't do too much damage to the low buildings.We were so lucky but the town is a mess now. My daughter is just back from joining a student group who shovelled mud from the gardens and drive ways of people."
As I type this another after quake rumbles through the house. It goes on and on.

picture from here

Darkness descends on Christchurch
People tumble and shake
There is a break
no metaphorical break
a break through the surface
a break from an earth quake
shaping a gaping hole
ready to swallow
into the hollow earth
Earth spewing filth
all over the place
People tumble and shake
while the monster is blindly
attacking, angrily pulling stones
from the tall, made to fall
structures, sculpturing a warzone
in central Christchurch

Visiting writers island would be a break through


  1. It sounds terrible to me, Marja and here's me complaining of a broken leg. I hope it settles down soon.

  2. Still saying prayers for you folks and hope Mother Earth calms down soon.

  3. Oh elisabeth a broken leg is something you can complain about. Things are not important people are

    Thanks dear Beach

  4. What a generous gesture from the student group! Good on them! Just glad you are OK!

  5. Vanmorgen was een uitgebreide reportage op TV en zagen we de ingestorte gebouwen en gebouwen die op instorten stonden. Ik moest direct aan jou en je gezin denken en vroeg me bezorgd af of alles in orde zou zijn met jullie. Gelukkig begrijp ik dat jullie veilig zijn en er geen ernstige schade aan het huis is toegebracht. We lezen later wel meer over deze toestand.
    Groetjes uit Holland en we denken aan jullie.

  6. I feel with you all!It must be terrible to feel a earth quake!I´m glad you are okay!

  7. You survive such a traumatic experience and still have the courage to write poetry: your strength is mind-boggling. Thank you for the insight your poem and your notes give to us on the other side of the world.

  8. It was difficult to endure. I am sorry for you all and wish you all the best.

  9. The poem is a bit dark but we are actually fine. Nobody is hurt and we didn't have much damage. It is only a nightmare for the people who lost there houses and businesses and the ones who still don't have water and electricity

  10. I am glad you are alright. My Chch friends, husband and wife said they were so scared.

    I do earthquake exercise with my students and we hurdle under the table.

  11. The pit looks horrible.

    Btw did I mention that I am dad now? The news is hidden in my blog.

  12. I'm glad there were no deaths; NZ was sooooo lucky. Well done on your excellent youngsters. I guess your poem must be the most on prompt of them all!

  13. Kia ora Marja,
    Kia kaha my friend. Thinking of you. This is a beuatiful but volatile land we inhabit.

  14. Thinking of you! Glad to hear all is well and safe.


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