Sunday, 31 October 2010

Weekend Nature

Arms gracefully lift
holding up a precious pink
above serene blue

Picture made for weekend nature hoted by Gemma

I so love the bright colours spring brings to us. I won't see that much from it anymore because we started to fix cracks from the earth quake and started painting the whole living room, stripping down the bathroom and more. Work is busy as well. In 6 weeks my brother is coming to NZ though and we go on holiday together. I am looking forwards to it.


  1. A beautiful scene! Indeed, the colours reaching across the water are so lovely! There is such a sense of feeling joy when Spring arrives!

    So glad to hear you are settling a little after the Christchurch earthquake! And you are getting a chance for a holiday too!

    Thank you again for linking up to my Weekend Nature meme!

  2. Kia ora Marja,
    I often think of the trees and plants of Aotearoa reaching to the sky, they just have that feel and look. Sometimes in rejoicing and sometimes in beseeching. You express that well Marja. Kia kaha.

  3. It sounds like you will be busy for a while, but knowing a holiday is coming is a bit of incentive.

    Your photos and verse are touching and beautiful.

  4. So lovely, both the photo and the words.

  5. The synchronizing effects of nature is perfect.Water, flower, leaves, branches and reflection. Excellent shot.

  6. A holiday will be just what you need. Love the pic.

  7. A very pretty picture. I love the composition and uplifted branches. After all you have been through, Marja, I'm so glad you are going on vacation. Anywhere in particular? And where is your brother traveling from?

  8. Thanks all

    Nice hat you've got on there annie
    I am going to the north island in NZ on holiday and my brother is coming from Holland

  9. Your words resonate the beauty of the photo Marja.
    Christmas is looming down upon us much too quickly but I am happy to hear of your brothers visit and your holiday together.
    Take care and don't forget to smell the roses.
    Peggy xxxx

  10. Nature gives and nature takes away I guess.
    Gorgeous photo and your words fit beautifully. Sorry about all your earthquake damage. Must have been a scary experience.

  11. It seems so strange to be reading about spring just as here in the top half of the planet we are plunging head first into winter! A lovely picture and words which simply hit the spot!

  12. Beautiful flowers. I hope that you won't be entirely house bound fixing and painting. We a need a little nature every day. Peace to you.

  13. What a wonderful photo of nature!I love it.Spring is great.Here we have at the moment a grey,windy and rainy autumn.

  14. Spring is a time of endless possibilities and new birth! Thanks for sharing the photo.

  15. Lovely flowers and hope everything is back to normal. Happy holidaying :)

  16. That photo has me thinking about teh azeala bushes that bloom here in springtime.


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