Saturday, 6 November 2010

A new suit


A new suit

He dressed with status
and peacock feathers
Locked up in a void
he started to peel of
 protective petals

The naked truth
left him unguarded
in the jungle of life
 adventure called
to conquer vanity

Left with serenity
a glow of inner beauty
became his new suit
embodying him
 as not just somebody

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  1. Hi Marja,

    Did you go and welcome Hillary Clinton? Saw from TV weather that you are going to have 2 degrees. Winter is back again?

  2. Noop I didn't. It is indeed wet and freezing here at the moment

  3. A delightful little poem! Being somebody takes a whole lot more than fine feathers! Beautifully written!

  4. Yes, we can all become somebody if we have the will.
    Nice one.

  5. Great poem, Marja. Your words and the photo of those flying red balloons remind me of Icarus who flew too close to the sun.

    Your character at least learned his lesson before it was too late. Thanks.

  6. Lesson (I think): First step to 'becoming' is to 'act as if.' Nice poem!

  7. Fine feathers do have a tendency to wilt rather quickly and become bedraggled.


  8. fancy clothes and plumage do not make the must make himself

  9. Yes I agree with that - a great way to leave him.

  10. The verse I liked the most:

    The naked truth made
    him vulnerable in
    the jungle of life
    but adventure called
    and he conquered
    the wild within him

    Naked truth and he conquered the wild within him! A glowing poem indeed!

  11. Lovely poem, poetic trails conquered.

  12. Wow that last stanza is awesome kind of prophetic great writing!

  13. Hi Marja,
    How true. Modern trappings are no match to the inner strength. He took it as a challenge and he had overcomed on his own. Very clever treatment you did!

  14. Wonderful poem I am glad that he became real in a real life. Hiding behind a false face does no one any good.


  15. inner beauty,
    adventure calls...

    beautiful poem.
    love the logic and plots in it.


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