Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Years and years ago I had a walk with a friend and told her that I had a remarkable series of coincidences. Every time I had a question, something turned up to give me an answer and the right opportunity came up when I needed it. My friend said "Oh you are talking about synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. That is more common than you think" she said and she gave me a book to read about it.

Synchronicity comes and goes in my life. I think when it doesn't happen for a while this is because I am not open to it as I am too caught up with daily life. The following happenings are my two favourite examples of synchronicity in my life.

I hardly ever remember my dreams but one I remember very clearly is the following;
I am floating in the air and enjoy the sensation of being weightless. Suddenly I am lying down next to a balcony. The balcony surrounds a black square hole. I know I have to go back into that hole. That is were my life is but at the moment all is white and light. A few people are standing at the opposite site. I recognise one face clearly. The rest is vague. Suddenly a bold man, with glasses appears next to me. He wears a white gown. He says "we need you" I haven no idea what he is talking about.. At the same time I look to the other side and know that the people I see at the opposite side are there to help me. Then I wake up.
This dream appeared when I was in a very difficult period in my life. A short time after this dream the person I recognised in my dream had a huge, life changing effect on my life.

The second experience was during a time when I felt stuck. I worked at that time with children and enjoyed it.
I also wrote articles and 3 of them got published in a short period of time. It was all very time consuming and I felt I had to make a choice and decide which path to follow. I couldn't. Just then my eye fell on an add. There was a workshop in town about "finding your purpose in life" and thought "just what I need". I went and came into a small hall with about 60 people. We had to ask the person sitting next to us questions to work out our purpose and I figured I had to become a writer but felt edgy about it.

After that a young woman was called on stage as she was stuck. The interviewer said that there are two dimension to your purpose. She worked out that the primary purpose of the woman, who was stuck was to love. She continued that a number of people are destined to express the primary purpose in a certain role. This role is the secondary purpose.
She continued that it didn't matter in this case how this woman expressed her purpose whether it was by writing articles for magazines or working with children. The woman on stage said "I haven't done either of them" The interviewer mumbled "I know" The woman sitting next to me poked me excitingly saying "she is talking about you." I said "It sure is a coincidence!".  . I felt I didn't have to choose anymore. I found my answer.


  1. A very interesting post - and look, you are writing!

    I too am fascinated by synchronicity and have many instances of it. Synchronicity shows how we are all interconnected somehow.

    And I know what you mean about it being stronger and weaker. I notice it more when I am in the right place mentally, when I am open to it and not distracted by a busy life. I guess the challenge is to try to create space in our lives so the synchronicity can be noticed.

  2. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I really believe if you put a question out to the universe, your answer will come. Often, we are too busy to realise we have been given our answer. It's just a question of being more aware. Nice post my friend.

  3. I have been spooked several times in my life by synchronicity. Even stranger is when synchronicity seems absent forcing me down a difficult path only to learn that in the greater scope of things that was the correct one all along.

    Does that make any sense?

  4. Such type of things happens and this makes us wonder about wonders of life.
    Excellent post Marya.
    Good day to you and family

  5. Hi Marja,

    I really enjoy these events when they happen. The give me a comforting feeling and remind me that I am on the right path.

  6. Kind of chilling Marja. And I see that you have chosen your path. That you write about it like this suggests that you are very content with your choice.

    Marja, how is life in KiwiLand. Have things settled - literally?

  7. Synchronicity ~ circumstantial answers to questions of purpose, both shaped and unshaped. Calming the inner self prepares to receive synchronised prompts! Love this post!

  8. In math coincidence is a term to describe when two point coincide, this is a very concrete term. When we talk of coincidences we tend to think they are a accident of some sort when in reality they are very much on purpose.

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  11. A wonderful post, Marja.
    How else can the universe speak to us?
    Surely, with the help of synchronicity.
    Very nice examples.


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