Saturday, 16 October 2010


Natures vein of life
Free falling fresh blue water
more precious than gold

Picture made in the centre of Oamaru for weekend Nature hosted by Gemma

Blog Action Day - Water
Yesterday it was Blog Action Day Oops althoug in some parts in the world it is stil the 15th and the topic is still current so here is my contribution

20 procent of people don't have access to safe water. In lots of countries however water gets wasted. Rivers get drained to be able to meet the "needs" of the people. In the process of lots we produce to consume, water gets wasted. Wastewater pollutes our rivers and oceans and kills the life and effects safe water.

Ok when do we realise that water is life, that water is actually the real gold in the world. We experienced that after the earthquake when we were 2 days without water. We had a bit to cook our food but we couldn't flush  the toilet, shower or drink water. It was scary.

We must realise that we still use the water that was here millions of years ago. There will be no water added.
Water get recycled. It gets reused by nature over and over again. We also have a negative impact on the water cycle by building hydro dams ( article from  Ann about effect of it),by using irrigation, deforestation and because of the greenhouse effect. I won't go in on the details. There is heaps of information on the net. As long as you become aware that we have to stop and think and

 Treat water with respect Don't waste it

Support the effort of the UN to bring fresh water to millions and sign the petition


  1. I mention water today, too. It's essential to life and it's so easy, as you say, to take it for granted.

    This is a stunning picture here, Marja. Thanks for alerting us to a worthwhile petition.

  2. The pictures is very beautiful. And, the articles carries the essence of life beautifully. Humankind must learn to respect all five elements of Nature i.e. water, earth, fire, wind and ether. They are not just the most ancient elements of Nature, but also life sustaining ones. Without one, everything ceases to become.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding.

  3. Heelo Marja!
    Beautiful picture!
    I'm also participating in this important conference blogging and I really enjoyed watching your post to reinforce this awareness.
    Visit my blog too to see what is happening here in South America.
    a hug from Rio de Janeiro

  4. Great post, Marja! And sadly enough it's so true! We are wasting water all day long.

  5. Hallo, Marja! ;-)

    Thank you for the visit and comment in my blog!
    You have amazing pics here and interesting entries!
    This waterful is magnificent!
    I will come back more times to visit you!
    Have a nice weekend! ;-)

  6. A very important post. Thank you and I really liked the photos too. Water is indeed the most valuable thing we have and we are too often wasting it.

  7. Holland is the country of water. we drink water, we are living with water, we are cleaning the water, we fight against the water because our country is lower than sealevel, we are eating from what's coming out of the water and we are swimming and playing in the water. we can't live without water anymore because water is a part of our life

  8. Hallo Marja,
    Gezellig dat je op mijn blog langs kwam. Tja, wij drinken nog wel thee uit theekopjes, maar ook uit theeglazen, en koffie zeker uit mokken!
    Prachtige waterval. Belangrijke post!
    Nieuw Zeeland is schitterend, ik ben er langs gevaren, maar ben ook gestopt in Auckland. Had toevallig deze week nog de tiki's in mijn handen die ik mee heb gebracht.
    Fijn weekend!

  9. I'm very careful with water regardless of the time of year. Comes from many years of living off tank water and not being on the public water system.

    Love the pic too!

  10. Love your expression that water is "Nature's vein of life". Creative!

    Even though we are having endless days of rain here in Melbourne, we must remember that we are catching up on years of drought! It's a sobering thought!

    Great post!

    And thank you for linking it to my Weekend Nature meme!

  11. Dear Marja, Your words are high praise for Gemma's photo.


  12. I run a small banner ad for Water Missions International on my blog. Here is an brief explanation of their mission in their own words.

    "Water Missions International provides safe water - liquid hope – to those who have none, both in developing countries and disaster areas. Through one-of-a-kind engineering innovations, WMI is transforming communities and changing lives every day."

    I do this free of charge just because of the importance of their mission. A very nice lady named Joan Perry who runs the "Charleston Daily Photo" blog does volunteer work for the organization brought it to my attention.

  13. Water- the most precious element as air. Well written on its importance.

  14. Marya :)

    Of late we should realise the importance of water.This post was a good reminder.
    If a next world war happens it will be for water,experts say like that(It should never happen).
    I love the picture is excellent.
    Marya please visit my blog,there is something interesting posted over there.

  15. "Treat water with respect Don't waste it"

    you're definitely right about that Marja! We have to take it seriously and take action before it's too late...

    now i'm thirsty...

    you have a great day Marja! :)

  16. We use a lot of water here but it is essential for the horses. Other than them, we conserve as much water as is possible. The islands were formed by domes of salt rising out of the Gulf, so we don't have any natural springs. Our ground water table is essential to life and we all have to take care of it.
    By the way, another earthquake? I hope all is well, Marja.

  17. Very important post,Marja!Thank you for sharing!


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