Saturday, 13 November 2010

Weekend Nature

Sparkling in Wonder
Waves of Glittering Light
Revealing Beauty

Picture made for weekend Nature hosted by Gemma

The beauty is unfolding. Every day is full of colour and now of warmth as well.
We already had lots of warm days and the last two days we  had a BBQ at
home with the kids. It feels so different eating outside. I think it is going to be a great summer this year. We are also heading towards Christmas which is special this year as my brother is here and towards 2011 which is going to be a special year as well.


  1. It was 32 degrees celcius hot here in Melbourne and toda we have put the central heating back on. It's freezing outside. Ah the vagaries of Melbourne weather. Yours at least sounds consistent. But then you have earthquakes.

  2. You know I had to explain to someone recently how you guys and gals down under are entering summer while we are moving into winter. Dealing with that fellow made my head hurt.

    Best wishes and I hope 2011 is better for us all.

  3. You definitely are on the other side of the globe, haha. Talking of Summer and Christmas approaching in one sentence. And we, poor left-behinds, are getting wrinkly from all the rain. Your brother chose a great time to go your way. Escaping the Winter cold.

    Beautiful photo and poem though :-)

  4. Oh how pretty Marja. This is like the flower wearing a delicate veil.

  5. A very romantic photo of the rose! It is so beautiful! A gentle pink with a beautiful bokeh surrounding it!

    Thank you for joining my Weekend Nature again!

  6. What a beautiful photo!Roses are great flowers!


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