Sunday, 14 November 2010

Update on earthquake and other things

Tower of Art Centre in Restoration

I told KB that we were having an earthquake of about 5 and I was close. It was 4.9 at 7.21 PM. Last night we woke up at 1.34 from a 4.7. After a quiet time it is full on again and rock around the clock. We had 2915 quakes since the big one and actually it hasn't been quiet but we had a lot of small ones lately and we mostly feel only the bigger ones.
The city is in repair but there are still a lot of buildings who are in the state they came in after the earthquake and waiting patiently till it is their turn to be fixed.  The figures for unemployment are high at the moment but I don't think there will be any builders among them.
William is also busy repairing the cracks and ended up renewing the complete bathroom which was necessary. William being able to fix everything has saved us a lot of money. The money we didn't have in the first place. No you shouldn't come to NZ to become rich than you are in the wrong place. There are not enough people for a vibrant economy but that has many advantages as well. 
Experiencing an earthquake puts you back with 2 feet on the (shaky) floor and makes you realise how quick your life can change and that you must enjoy your life as much as you can. That is one of the reasons I cut back on my hours at work and I am happy to get more space. I enjoyed my work very much but there are choices to make in life and they all have an up and a downside. I learned an awful lot this year but I can't keep up with he high level of action and grave for more time to do things at home like cleaning. Duh not. I can fill up the extra space of one day easily but having no commitments I can step back if I need and just go for a walk.
It is time to go to msn to check up with family so I wish you all a good week.


  1. I live in one of the less earthquake prone areas on the planet but have felt two even here, one rattled everthing in the house, the other sounded live a freight train coming up the hill

  2. I am amazed that you are still getting shocks! So very incredible! William sounds like a wonderful man!

    Now get out there and enjoy your walk!


  3. I can't imagine what it's like, living with the threat of earthquakes all the time, Marja. You seem so effortless in your ability to cope, so resigned and yet so determined to get on.

  4. Living in California, Marja, I can really feel for what you are going through. Granted, it is a phantom feeling since CA, though earthquake ridden, seems to get big ones, a few aftershocks, and then plenty of time to recover.

    I like that you are taking more time for yourself. There is nothing like disasters to refocus us on what is most important. You haven't said too much about this but I'm guessing that as individuals, as a region, and hopefully as a nation, you are all working together to recover from this. I hope the government has been able to provide some financial assistance for recovery. We do that here but gads! what a miserable bureacracy it is.

  5. We dont have earthquakes here but I can imagine how scary it can be. I love the idea on how you see it differently. Happy week and hugs to you :)

  6. Oh Marja,that sounds not good.I can´t imagine how it is to live in a earthquake area.
    Have a nice week,Marja!

  7. Kia ora Marja,
    I was sorry to see that the after shocks have resumed, and my thoughts are with you and all the folk down there.
    I feel ya about the NZ and money thing. Tara and I both work, and seemingly make decent money, but bugger me if the end of each week does not become a struggle. Key tries to tell us the meagre tax cuts for the non rich off set the gst rise, but I don't see it that way, nor many of the people I know. I may have got back an extra 20 bucks a week, but with gst gone up and the prices gone up it soon disappears. I guess we have to appreciate other things about of land and why we live here. Stay well Marja, Kia kaha.

  8. Experiencing an earthquake puts you back with 2 feet on the (shaky) floor...

    Samething on this end with a hurricane, one minute everything cane be fine but when the state government starts yelling at people to leave everything changes.


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