Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wishes for Greymouth

Wishes and wonder
are filling the minds of family
are filling the minds of people
about the safety of the men
in the pike river coal mine

May strength and wisdom
be part of everyone of them
May there be faith,
determination and hope
for the best outcome

Our hearts go out to the family and the 29 men already trapped for 2 days inside the mine near Greymouth on the West Coast of  the South Island of NZ, after an explosion in the mine.They haven't been able to do much yet.
This must be enormously frustrating for the family and friends but they have to think about everybodies safety as there is gas in the mine. It is therefore be harder than the mine incident in Chili. Today they are starting to drill a hole towards the pipe underground which is going to take 16 to 24 hours. Every half an hour they will test the mine gas level.  There is support from all over the world. The hotels in Greymouth are full with people who want to help with the rescue, lots of them miners themselves.


  1. Well written..
    watching it on the news here.
    Have pt it on my blog to spread the word.

  2. You have young children? My students talk about the quake all the time, I practise the drill.

    Now this, so sad.

  3. Agreed - I hope they are well, I fear they are not and I feel for their families

  4. Hi Marja! Hopefully it will end like in Chile, not as in China...

    Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you to answer the legendary question: «What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?» ;)
    Enjoy and have a great week!

  5. I hadn't heard of this incident. Here's hoping and praying for another miracle rescue like in Chile.

  6. Thanks for publishing this, Marja.

    It alerts us to what's happening outside of our own neighborhoods.

    My sincere thanks!

    Also, Wednesday's picture is just overwhelmingly spectacular.

    Love you.


  7. Dear Marja,

    I was horrified to read of the mine explosion, especially coming so closely on the heals of the triumphant save in Chili. Down comes the earthquake prayer for NZ and up goes a prayer for the miners.


  8. Prayers to the families, hope this ends like it did in Chile.

  9. Yes - have been thinking of them and sending love and light. Also the families - how terrible. Somehow I don't think it will be the outcome that we saw in Chile. But there is always hope that some will have survived. There are amazing stories of how people do survive. So we must still hope.

  10. Prayers to the families!I heard it at T.V. I hope it ends good like in Chile!

  11. I wish they could do something more. The rescue seems to be going nowhere.

  12. very good...thanks for sharing

    hug, p


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