Monday, 31 January 2011


I stumbled upon this video which portrays an inspirational story in which a father finds a way of bringing awareness. I already knew the story but this play is done so well that I felt the emotions and made me write the following underneath.


A mother looked at her son
and smiled

When he was young
she had fed him
she had nursed him
she had given him
the sun, the moon
and a thousand stars

When he grew older
She gave him independence
her biggest gift of all

She resisted to correct him,
when he knew all the answers
She resisted to take over
when he burned the meal of life

She stood on the sideline
not barehanded
but with quiet approval

He grew in confidence
finding his way
Brushed himself off
after each fall
and one day he became aware
turned to his mother
and hugged her

She who had hidden a lake of tears
finally smiled

A smile so intense that you
wouldn't notice the sun didn't shine today.



  1. Saw that film someplace else and it recharged my strained patience with my kids.

    Great poem about letting go Marja, everyday I realize my son is getting closer to going off to college.

  2. The essence of humanity. Wisdom wins always.

  3. Your poem was as beautiful and moving as the film Marja!

    Such wisdom is a sight to behold.

    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  4. I love your poem.

    My son is 14 and half sometimes it is hard to be patient.


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