Sunday, 30 January 2011

weekend walkabout

A post for weekend walkabout which is hosted by KB

Today we went for a long walk on the beach. I enjoyed looking at these kiddies playing soccer on the beach. There were also a lot of kids learning to surf. How great to grow up outdoors.

 I always love the sound of the waves and is was cloudy but warm enough for a walk. We came alongside this lady. There were a lot of birds on the beach but the poor creatures got chased by the dogs who were running after them. One hardly came away.

We saw some awesome kites up in the air as well.

On the way back we stopped in the city as we still had to buy something . The international busker festival was still going on. Every year around this time street performers from all over the world come to Christchurch to the biggest and best busker festival in the world . We went there often but only saw a glimpse of it this year. As you see a great glimpse of this pretty bath room couple

The quake cracks on this Irish pub were covered up by this little man. lol


  1. Hmm, lovely weekend walkabout. Spectacular kites. Love the silly bathroom buskers. Nice. Especially compared to the current cold and grey mist in the Netherlands ;-)

  2. So enjoyed your walkabout! The buskers look bright and fun! But my favourite is the figure and words on the Irish pub! That's finding a smile even in a storm!

  3. Busker? What a kick. You know I'm soooo going to have to google that word for more details.

    Ocean looks so chilly being overcast but I have to remember that you are in your summer so not so chilly after all.

    Poor birdie. He looks a bit tuckered out.

    And to finish up. Love the little green fellow. What a marvelous symbol of resilience and fortitude.

  4. Everything from start to finish in this post is just FUN! Lovely shots! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Fantastic photos as always, Marja!

    Wish I was there.

    Love you,


  6. Hi Marja, I LOVE these photos. Thanks so much for linking back to walkabout. Especially love the Irish Pub pic. Hope things are well in Chch. We are having stormy weather but all is well.

  7. A day at the beach is always good for the soul!

    As for the guy in the toilet, we have something in common. My wife is always telling me to get mind out of it.
    And I really dig his floaty.

  8. Hello Marja, I have missed you a lot :) It's creative to have a little man covering the cracks....and I miss the beach a lot. Love those kites...hugs/M


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