Thursday, 20 January 2011

Exhibition Ron Mueck in Christchurch Art Gallery

More than a 100.000 people have already visited the exhibition of sculpture Ron Mueck. We were among them and it was a treat indeed. The sculptures were so realistic and perfect, it was amazing. You could see the veins, muscles and all the hairs implanted in the sculptures which represented themes as birth and life and you could read the emotion from their faces. It looked very real how the man with the beard looks in fear at the couple standing in front of him.

My favourite were the two small old ladies. I could just picture them standing here and whispering in a squeaky voice to each other:
"Clara dear, I can't believe it, have you heard about these folks who call themselves Bloggers."
"What? froggers what the heck are froggers?
"No, bloggers, they write on computers"
"What froggers on computers"What about them?" I don't trust computers
"Now, they write about us"
"See they are gossipers, I knew they were up to no good"
"No, come let's go"

The sick lady in the bed was also impressive. Lots of people walked around her bed as if they were the little people surrounding Gulliver.

We were lucky to have this exhibition here in Christchurch


  1. Wasn't it amazing!!
    Great that it has been so well supported too.

  2. What an exhibition, Marja, and what an artist, a scupltor. As you say, these like a scenes from Gullivers's Travels, only more contemporary. Thanks.

  3. That looks so realistic, Marja! I can understand that you liked this exhibition and enjoyed being there.
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Amersfoort is especially beautiful in the towncentre. The Koppelpoort, however is not a castle but a water gate and part of the original citywall.

  4. This exhibition must have been a Great experience. I like the photos and how you described the conversation between the two old ladies,... funny :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

  6. That certainly is different. If it comes to London I'll be first in line to view it! LOved your conversation.

  7. What an exhibition,Marja!Cool but some things looks scary to me.Your conversation was good.


  8. I saw the one with just the head first and for a second or two it freaked me out. Then I saw the one of the sick lady with the people standing next it and got confused. Wow! Those exhibits are realistic.


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