Friday, 21 January 2011

Ngatea Water Gardens

On our way from Auckland airport our first stop to our holiday destination was at the Ngatea Water Gardens. As you can see it is gorgeous with lots of ponds and bridges and even a waterfall. The gardens seems tranquil to start with but there was quite some adventure

The park warned us for prehistoric animals. My brother curious of nature had to have a close look at the eggs as he didn't believe it. Wrong. The next minutes where as a scene from  Jurassic park and we had to run.

 As we were finally in safety and were happily chatting along we nearly missed a sign. Luckily we didn't bump into this.....follow the arrow because we read the sign lol

Because we were on holiday we didn't look so much at money so we nearly went on a cruise on this beauty
unfortunately you could only pay by cash and there was no EFTpost machine as we had only our bank card to pay with.  Sight

We had a good time and glad that the Pterodactyl didn't get us because the emergency phone was 75km ahead. A wonderful park anyway!!


  1. Huge smiles ;-) My kind of humour. Lekker flauw!
    Gorgeous pond with all the lillies. Can't wait until it's Spring again...

  2. LOL!!!
    I fell off my chair laughing at the fork in the road and the boast for hire.

    The emergency phone is funny a different way. On certain segments of U.S. interstate roads they have emergency phones and I always feel for the people whose cars I see broke down about as far from a phone as they can get. Serious bad timing.

  3. Isn't that just the greatest of places for unexpected humour?! I laugh at the silliness each time we go.


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