Sunday, 23 January 2011

Happy birthday mum

Happy birthday xxx My mum turns 79 today. Family and friends will come over for a coffee, cake and a drink. She lives opposite  the supermarket and when she gets visitors she always quickly hops over to get some fresh cake. She is still quite active. She regular goes for a trip with the train or bus as she never learned to drive. When she was young she couldn't go to the school she wanted as it was burned down in the war so she went to a housekeeping school which was not her thing at all. She got a low score for burning the food.
As the oldest of children she had to stay home and work at home. Beside that she did a bookkeeping course and turned out to be a star.

Her life became very busy after she married my dad because she had to run the shop with him and raise 4 children. It was stressful at times. My parents were able to rent out their shop when they were in their fifties so they were able to enjoy life after that and they travelled a lot. My dad died however in '98. My mum kept the travel bug and continued to go places and from every trip all the pictures go in a book decorated with tickets and postcards. No digital cameras for her. It also took us a long time before she agreed to a computer but now loves to talk to us on MSN. (If the connection isn't bad because NZ isn't well equipped for the Internet. My mum also loves to be surrounded by her grand children. Have a great day mum.

PS my blog header is blurry which is a blogger issue at the moment as it happened to a lot of people. So don't change your blog header at the moment


  1. Happy Birthday Greetings to Mom.

  2. Happy Birthday and best wishes for many more.

  3. Happy birthday to your Mom,Marja!


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