Friday, 25 February 2011

Great website developed by volunteers for Christchurch

The problems we are facing is overwelming and it is not going to take months this time to recover but years.
The help people give and the help people give each other is overwelming too and keeps us going. This includes your support dear Blogging friends. It is heart warming to read your comments.

Above a website set up by volunteers for Christchurch which is an enormous help for all involved as it contains offers for help and all the current information people need to know for example, where to get food and petrol.

I am busy looking for a volunteer IT person in Christchurch as well to fix our computer network at work, which is a charity, so we can move on and I might have found somebody on Trade Me. I am very excited so I hope he returns my email. Not much change to get on the computer at the moment with 3 children at home. (One guest)  Will try to update you soon.

Thanks again and arohanui


  1. Keep up your spirits, Marja. It's good to hear that you are in the mode of getting things fixed, however long it takes.

    You are in my thoughts as are all the people in Christchurch.

  2. Marja, our thoughts are there with you. I have contacted most of our friends, & they are safe. I hope you can get your help, and carry on your good work.
    Love and Hugs XXXX

  3. That's such a helpful idea! I was so touched reading all the help through trademe. It's good to see the country pulling together.

  4. Marja

    You are a rock in the middle of shattered earth and a pillar of light. Keep up the outstanding work and it is so good to read of how people are helping people.

    Love and hugs


  5. Good post,Marja!My thoughts are with you all there,Marja!
    Take care!

  6. Hi Marja! Great to see that you are there safe and sound! It looked terrible what I saw on TV... Christchurch was such an enchanting town... But it will revive. Surely!

  7. I was so relieved to get your email and find out that you and your family were relatively unscathed.

    I know, how could that be true?

    I want to put up a link on my site to help meet the needs in Christchurch.

    What do you think?

    I'm thinking of a logo . . . .

    Love you,


  8. Hi Susan That would be great Thanks you so much. I am very tired today. I was back at work today and I am very tired. Cheered me up to see you comment

  9. Immediately when I saw the report of the quake, I thought about you! I am glad to know you are fine. My thoughts are with the families and loved ones of the victims. Take care!

  10. So glad you are OK. We think of you every day :)


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