Saturday, 16 April 2011


Christchurch might be broken but it will rise again and New Zealand is still one of the most beautiful countries in the world I think. Last summer we went for a day trip to Rotorua in the North Island which is built in the crater of a vulcano. There is a park and lakes with lots of thermal activity. 25 km South of Rotorua is waimangu vulcanic valley which I will show you next time.

Hotpools in Kuirau Park close to the city centre

and hot mud pools

Entrance to the Government gardens

In the garden is Roterua Museum a former bath house. in the past people from all over the world came here for therapeutic treatments. Water from thermal springs went through pipelines to the bath house.

The corridoor inside the museum

One remaining guest in a thermal bath

View from the rooftop

View on Sulphur Bay

Tourism Rotorua building

Swans on lake Rotorua

tree with little black shags
Pools at sulphur bay

Sulphur bay


  1. Love these photos! The museum and the tourism buildings are fascinating pieces of architecture!

  2. Marja you are a wonderful ambassador for New Zealand. These photos are wonderful.
    I have visited Rotorua a couple of times and even though it smells like rotten eggs which takes some time to overcome, the sulphur pools are great for the skin.
    Peggy xxxx

  3. As usual I come away looking at your pictures wondering if there is some way I can immigrate. I wouldn't take up much room, I could live on the south island in a small shack taking care of some nasty job that few want.

  4. Thanks for this wonderful tour. Hope you are doing good Marja. God bless.

  5. Such beautiful pictures!
    Thank you Marja for sharing!

    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    Margie x

  6. great pictures to remember a wonderfull trip on the north island. we had a great time. thanks for posting marja.

  7. Oh J.... Ik heb een paar blogposts gemist merk ik... Wat een geweldige foto's, gemaakt op bijzondere plaatsen. Wat leuk om je op je wandelingen te mogen volgen.


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