Sunday, 27 March 2011

A compromise.

That was a short break I hear you thinking. Yeh the blogging break proofed too much change. My job changed, for the good but a big change, my life changed, my city changed, blogging changed.....I felt a bit of loosing the earth under my feet and my quake brain got worse.

I made a compromise. I don't have much time but I need that point of relaxation and release which blogging is for me. I have to compromise on visiting my blogging friends. So to them I will say: we will see each other later in the year. I need to make this compromise to stay sane and I will get back to normal. eventually.

I promised one of my young tramping friends to do a real tramp with a club with him. It was supposed to be an easy trip but for my old and a bit overweight body it was hard work and I walked like a sailor today. A sailor with sea legs as my muscles ached so much. I needed some relaxation and the beauty of the landscape did it but the more than 6 hour tramp also stressed out my body.

In little river we drove to the top and had a walk over the ridge and saddles of the hills. The views were magnificent.

My young friend made a photo reportage about his lion friend on great tramping spots. My young friend proved to be a great tramper and he has a very promising future as he is good with IT and photography as well.

Lake ellesmere lay below us bathing in peace

It was so quiet up there. The only sound we could here was sometimes from the cows.

A well deserved rest in the tussock. After our rest we had to walk down, which seemed for ages on the steep hill through the tussock.
You couldn't always see through the grass if there were any holes and sometimes you slipped and slide down the hill.


We felt like going for a walk through Hagley Park and checked out if it was already open for the public.

It was so good to see something familiar still being there and being beautiful. In the park we met a Dutch couple and they told us that part of the cordon was open to the public today and we decided to have a look.

A part of the art centre is still standing but it is red stickered. Normally that would mean demolishing. But because it is such an important part of Christchurch they will rebuild the broken parts stone by stone. Oh the tram stop is gone.... no it has a new place.

Through the fence I zoomed in on the cathedral. I couldn't spot the adjacent tower. Is it completely gone?

The provincial chambers another iconic landmark in rubble. It is so different to see it with your own eyes than on a picture.

Through a hole in the fence we looked into Cashel street . We could see some rubble on the street and the tall building on the left is the Grand Chancellor Hotel which is on an angel, close to toppling over.. It will have to come down and I think they are going to do it layer by layer. There are lots of other buildings close to it and there is a change that by demolishing the one it will take others with it.

Demolishing in action. Follow the line and see the big ball smashing into the building. A slow destructive process.

 On the way back through the park you really need this beauty to give some balance.


  1. Dear Marja

    Great to read you have been out walking to get all that stress out of your system, but sad to see the photos of the quake.

    Take care.


  2. When I visited Europe I learned that many ancient and iconic buildings that seemed original had actually been put back together brick by brick after being largely destroyed by natural and manmade disasters. Restorations sometimes needed to happen more than once over centuries. Each layer added depth to the history of an area and spoke volumes about the resilience of mankind. I can well imagine that a picture cannot fully convey the devastation in Christchurch or the beauty of NZ lakes and hills. But your post and photos provide great insights along the way. Thanks for sharing your world, Marja!

  3. No worries!

    I have to compromise on visiting my blogging friends. So to them I will say: we will see each other later in the year.

    We will be here, but I will still drop by your site.

  4. As happens when I see and hear about the earthquake's devastation, tears well up in my eyes. ~hugs~

  5. Those pictures bring back memories of my visit.
    You had better pass the tissues....xx

  6. I cannot imagine what emotions these sights cause those who live there but my sadness deepens with each thought that some of the sights will never be seen again.

    The wonderful flower shows such hope for the town.

  7. Such beautiful pictures of your outing but the quake photos sad to see!
    The beautiful flower was the pefect ending to your post!

    See you later in the year, Marja.
    Take good care and be well.
    I will keep you in my good thoughts.

    Margie x

  8. So weird to see a church crumbled down like that. Excellent pictures, thanks.

  9. Take all the time you need. We understand.

  10. Life changes on a dime, doesn't it Marja. Sometimes the change is so harsh, it takes time to catch up with the change. Be that beautiful flower in the last photo and come back to us brilliant, refreshed and in full bloom.

  11. De foto's zijn mooi voor wat betreft de prachtige natuur, en indrukwekkend voor wat betreft de vernielingen die zijn aangericht door de beving. Je hebt ook een bijzonder talent om mooie foto's te maken. Fijne weekend Marja.

  12. Take the time you need,dear Marja!


Thank you for your comment