Monday, 4 July 2011

A few photo's from Christchurch

Bad times continue as the process of recovery is slow in Christchurch and more people think about leaving Christchurch behind. One of them is my best friend, who lives now halve of the time in America and half of the time here. I hope she finds a reason to stay as I will miss her a lot.
My hubby is busy to find a way to get to Holland as his mum is terminally ill, so times are not good.
We are kind of in survival mood. During such times we learn what live is all about and even the youngest do. Read this beautiful piece on a school blog from a ten year old and give him a comment.

I walked with my friend through part of the city bordering the red zone as she hadn't seen the damage yet over there.  We had a look at Christ College, Christchurch oldest school. It is a private, boarding school, modelled on the Public English Schools like Westminster School and Eton College. As you see on the picture it has undergone some damage but is still in use.

Relocated students in less romantic places. The building and place is was gorgeous and I love the Gothic dining Hall which is based on the Great Hall at Christ Church in Oxford. It has quite a Harry Potter feel to it.
A church next to the Radio new Zealand building. Only the door is standing up.

Rumours  this week in the local paper say that since the June earthquake the damage in the Art Centre is so significant that it might not be restored. Let's hope for the best.

A glimpse of the provincial chambers

Finally we found something nice in one piece. The recently restored fountain in Hagley park.

These are determined to stay beautiful

A birdy contemplating life in Christchurch
and a bit of good news I finally found this stone on the Internet which can predict earthquakes ;)


  1. O what a post! So lovely to see that the fountain has been restored for a little extra beauty in the park! So often think of you!

  2. It is such a hard time for all of you in Christchurch, Marja. Thank you for reminding us. I hope things get better soon.

  3. Marja,
    It does look like that it will be awhile before all the repairs can be made. But I wish you and all in Christchurch better days ahead.

  4. My thoughts are with you all, Marja. Thank you for the strong, beautiful photos...even with the damage done, each is wonderful! I hope the Art Centre can be restored...such a remarkable building.xx

  5. So sorry to hear that things are bleak for you at the moment, but, thank you so much for the pictures. Whilst we are aware of the devastation, it is so heart-breaking to look at it close-up.
    Thank you, especially, for the fountain - The Peacock Fountain, not so - next to the museum, it the very last city "landmark" we saw in daylight on 22nd.

  6. You always have a way of protraying things in the appropiate way.
    KB and I often talk and think about you and your family.......Take Care

  7. How sad it is to see the destruction of such beautiful buildings. I felt especially sad at the photo of the church door amidst the rubble, but it was good to see the collage being restored. I hope your friendship will remain strong and that your friend finds a reason to stay.

  8. Your photos are a vivid story of the loss of so much beauty. The upright doors on the church are haunting.

    Love the bird on the cup. What a nice capture. And that STONE. What a hoot.

    Hope your husband finds his way home to Holland for a while. Saying good-bye is so important.

  9. Hi Marja! Got your letter and item Saturday, thank you so much!

    My daughter is enchanted by the key ring and the New Zealand stamp.

  10. Sending good thoughts to you, Marja and especially to your mum.
    It's such a beautiful place that you live in and I appreciate your sharing all the wonderful photos.
    I hope the Art Center can be restored.
    And I hope your friend will stay!

    Margie x

  11. We think of you often. Take care Marja.

  12. Are U ok after today? There is a big weather stone in Waiuku. I will find it for you.


    done it specially for you. Gary's stone was very small compared to the NZ one.

  14. Absolutely fantastic!
    Keep it coming!! :)

  15. Marja, It breaks my heart to see Beautiful Christchurch in such dire straits. Before he died, Gom told me he would not like to see it now.
    Good luck and Hugs XX

  16. What a great and interesting post,dear Marja!I think so often to you and your family!Take care!


  17. What a wonderful post! LOVE the bird in the coffee cup! And the stone! And the rubble with just the door standing. When I was reading this and looking at your pics I'd first think, Ah, what a beautifully ornate building! And of course by the next pic, my heart was sinking. Such devastation! Sounds like you are a strong bunch over there!

  18. Pity to hear that it is not the best time for you:(
    I hope all the constructions will be reconstrued soon

  19. Hi Marj

    Ty for sharing some post earthquake pics. NZ is still beautiful and the fact that you are able to share with the world images of your country speak volumes -- you are alive so there is much hope to be optimistic for the future. Global warming is at the heart of all the upheaval in mother nature. I know that NZ will rebuilt again her phoenix will rise again more beautiful, and yes my wish to revisit NZ is still upmost in my mind because life is for living, not running or hiding...devastation is worldwide but the sun keeps on shining... we'll take the good with the bad and keep on smiling.

    Cheers my friend


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