Saturday, 25 June 2011

One sunbeam lights a room

I am not as tough as you think. After a week of everything breaking down at work, a 5.4 earthquake under our house, a cancelled flight because of the Chili dust cloud, a child that stubbornly does the opposite as what is good for it and an illness in the family I had a little meltdown again. It was like everything was out of  control, I felt powerless, everything just happens and you can't do anything to stop it or change it. Than that same evening I got out of the blue some nice phone calls from friends. I also received an email from friends with some encouraging words and the above video and I realised that we do have power, authentic power. We are able to touch other people and make them feel good again. We are able to make little changes which can lead to big changes. We are able to make a beginning of something which has the potential to become big. As the poem says "one candle destroys darkness, one Sunbeam lights a room"
Very inspirational. Thanks
We haven't been able to go out a lot as it is winter here. As the weather was good today we went for a bike ride to Tai Tapu, 8 km down the road. We recently bought some bikes. As the petrol prices are soaring we thought it was a good idea to pick up biking again. It is quite an adjustment as the bikes here are OK but they aren't Dutch bikes, with big saddles with springs underneath it for example. But they are OK. We arrived in Tai Tapu and to stay in the spirit of this week my hubbies bike broke down. A guy from the petrol station was very helpful and gave us access to his tools and the bike got fixed. We celebrated with a coffee, sat on a comfortable chair in a garden and a cow on the roof  looked sadly as we departed again (as they do).That was a nice trip.

Here a link to a post at Life in the land of the long white cloud about new developments in Christchurch

Take care, marja


  1. Hugs
    Great video!
    The people are the important thing and if we support each other, the new city will follow to make it great again.

  2. Wat een prachtige video! Wat naar voor je dat je zoveel akelige dingen tegelijk kreeg. It never rains but it pours.
    Gelukkig heb je veerkracht genoeg om ook weer de draad op te pakken. Mijn dochter in Australie fietst ook veel met haar gezin. Toen ze vorig jaar hier waren hebben ze ook veel gefietst!

  3. The video is very inspirational, indeed! Sometimes the only option is to be strong and to ride through the rough patches that seem to come in bunches. I love your idea of biking. Whether out of necessity or for sheer relaxation, I suspect small trips around the beautiful parts of your world would be refreshing. :)

  4. We are so much stronger than we even think. I love your attitude, your courage and strength. And you bike ridge too? My gosh! :) (I haven't been on a bike in years!!)

  5. ...a child that stubbornly does the opposite as what is good for it...

    Actually, from my experience I believe a stubborn child beats out even the biggest volcano eruptions.

    Great video! Hang in there.

  6. Lieve Marja,
    Met ieder bericht uit Nieuw Zeeland denk ik aan jou.
    No doubt ken je de 'Loesje' posters. Ik kreeg eens zo'n tekst en het is zo waar: 'Het werd zo donker, dat ik alleen nog maar lichtjes zag'.
    Als je helemaal down and out bent, de nood het hoogst is is het altijd verbazingwekkend hoe de donkere lucht openbreekt en er zonnestralen komen in wat voor vorm van vriendschap dan ook.
    Deep inside is er ook een onuitputtelijke energie, maar soms is het moeilijk om er in te geloven als je down and out bent.
    Houd je taai!
    Lieve groeten uit een regenachtig Nederland.

  7. gladyou can take the bike and go away from it all.

  8. I can't imagine what you brave, wonderful folks are going through and I expect everyone feels overwhelmed and weak at some point.

    It's good to know that God works and brings us the comfort and support at just the right time--even on a bike ride!

    Hang in there, my Christchurch friend!

  9. This is an uplifting post. It is good to realize that even when everything looks bad, there is still hope and others do care.
    I love the cow on the roof!

  10. Isn't it amazing how just a shift of perspective brightens things? I love when it happens.

    Your photos are beautiful.

    We're riding bikes too. We are surrounded by countryside and farms. We just went out at 8am this Saturday morning, and it was absolutely glorious. I've had this bike maybe 10 years, and this is the first I've done this. I want to deride myself, but with a little shift in perspective, I am rejoicing that I'm doing it now. ;-)

  11. Oh Marja, I'm so sorry that you're going through such a bad time. I can understand you feel powerless. Some things just happen and you really can't do anything about it.
    And at some point things can only get better. Love the candle/sunbeam saying.

    Nice that you've bought bicycles. Your bum must have been pretty sore I expect ;-)

    Hugs and I hope things will get better for you and yours really soon!


  12. Good on you Marja for picking yourself up so quickly after the meltdown, You are so right, 'one candle lights the darkness' and 'one good deed can scare away eveil.'

    Have a great week.

  13. The video is wonderful as you are, Marja.
    I love to ride my bike and see all the beauty around me when I venture out!
    Isn't it wonderful how people are there to help us!
    Makes us know that people care!

    Margie x

  14. Oh, so enjoyed all your pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  15. Dearest Marja,

    You are SO allowed a meltdown. Have one on me. I'm buying. Sometimes just losing it helps more than we would imagine.

    Loved the story of your bike ride and the little repair drama in the middle of it. 8 km - that is quite a distance, yes? I assume that was roundtrip?

    I visited Adrian's site. Had difficulty posting a comment but fortunately, he had an email posted so I wrote there.


  16. I can understand the melt-down entirely! Sometimes with a day like that I cross it off the calendar, mentally, and decide to start a new one the next morning. How wonderful that support flowed in as well. It takes great courage to be in Christchurch, and you have it.

  17. Loved the video and the pictures. That cup of coffe looks like heaven. Am so glad to see you here again and sends lots of love n wishes!

  18. Whitesnake and I send you hugs. Take care.

  19. Dear Marja,
    I was directed here by my friend Herman. He admires what you have been through and thought I could appreciate your video and post.
    I am glad I came to see. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the uplifting video. I am inspired.


  20. The message in the video is very strong and the pictures stunning. It must be hard to see a city you love being destroyed but with optimism and work it will be reborn.

  21. Great video and the photos are so beautiful!And I agree with Vagabonde comment...


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