Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dying flames

 Sunday Scribblings    Prompt a standing ovation
painting by Leonid Afremov
Dying flames

She shivers, waking up silence
staring into dancing flames,
hypnotising her, taking her

to a place where she twirls
with grace for
two piercing eyes
clouding a crowd

her arms
unfolding petals
A port de Bras
in a pas de deux

her muscles stretched
like strings of a guitar
vibrated by admiration
  a standing ovation

a note
"for my queen of night"
in elegant strokes
a thousand tulips
deep red, evokes
a dream

his insistent absence
cools her passion
She shivers, waking up silence
staring into dying flames

marja blom


  1. The sadness in this poem comes across so beautifully. The painting by Afremov complements it well too.

  2. 'muscles stretched like strings on a guitar' is a fantastic line and echoes the emotional tension..a sad yet passionate write..Jae

  3. 'Insistent absence' - what a striking phrase. Words and picture combine to make a thing of beauty.

  4. This is simply awesome and so beautifully written, Marja! The words are like the dancer...flowing, connecting and lifting the reader up!

  5. I like the painting, it's beautiful!
    Thanks for your visit! Yes that conversation could also have been in NZ, but not in the Netherlands or the UK.It's nice when people are so easy going.

  6. Just saw "The Black Swan" last night, and so the visions of the ballet are so fresh in my mind.

    So sad. She suffers for her art, then suffers for his absence. Your description of ballet belies a deep familiarity... do you dance?


  7. no I don't amy But love it. I actually had a vivid dream years ago. I dreamt all this :) .

  8. Unrequited love...there's always something sad about it...

    Distant Clouds

  9. Very good written poem ,Marja!


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