Friday, 29 July 2011

From Grave to Christchurch

A photo from Grave in Holland where my husband stayed with his sister.  Grave is a fortified city with a bit more than 12000 people. Grave is close to the town I lived. My hubby arrived back in Christchurch yesterday.

Today we had 15 C again. Same temperature my husband had in Holland, so he doesn't have to climatise. It was sunny and great to go walking, so up to the Halswell quarry park today. My husband was born and lived in a house on top of the quarry. He used to slide down the stones. That would be very dangerous today.

There is still some snow left but the green starts to dominate again.

A park with a view You can see the Southern Alps from here.

The cliff of the stone quarry. Lots of old buildings in Christchurch were build with stones from the quarry. Still some stones architects.........
Korean totem poles which were given by Christchurch's sister city Songpa Gu


  1. stunning pictures of Halswell quarry - :)
    lovely spot...
    usually stop at the Old Vicarage too !

  2. It's very interesting to have a look at two places simultaneously and see the difference. Thank you.

  3. Loved the photo from Holland!
    Hard to feel how chilly it is where you are while we are much too hot in New York!

  4. Marja I love it when you post photos and tell a story along the way.
    Glad to see the snow is melting and you are out walking again.
    Big hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

  5. Such beautiful views and those totem poles are magic!

  6. live amidst such beauty....not to say i dont..but its not as good as yours!!

  7. The totem poles are wonderful!
    So enjoyed this post, Marja.
    Awesome pictures!

    Margie x

  8. what a strange name, Grave.

    I was watching news that they may use paper column to build a temporarily Cathdral.

    Here in my house, we have argument, my husband want to pull down and I want to preserve.

  9. Beautiful! Grave looks a typically Dutch town! I like the beauty of the surroundings you live in.

  10. Grave looks like such a cozy town to live in, Marja. Also, enjoyed seeing the Korean totems in your area around Christchurch ... I like the carvings of what seems to be friendly faces. In BC we have First Nation’s totems that look quite different from these!

  11. I'm happy your hubby arrived home safely. It's pretty cold tonight by Auckland standards.

  12. Great photos!I love the Netherlands too.Your photos are very beautiful.the last photo is really magic!You live on a such great landscape.I´m glad your husband arrived home safely again!

  13. Wow, how did I miss this post? Beautiful shots! The one with the snow on the palm leaves? WOW!!!!! (if those are palm leaves. They sorta look like yuccas)


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