Saturday, 29 October 2011

French Fest Akaroa

Me, my friend and hubby went for the day to Akaroa a village in the banks peninsula, 75 km from Chch, to the French fest. Le jour est tres beau: sunshine, good food, good company, a parade, a market and a walk. What else do you want? No don't answer that.
With the boat Comte de Paris 63 French emigrants arrived in Akaroa in 1840. They thought to make the island in a French colony but the English had already taken over, so they didn't go further than Akaroa. The settlement of Akaroa is still very French today and we had a taste of France with French music and the market people said
ca vas. Ca vas tres bien merci we answered.

Lots of market stalls with yummy food and drinks

We watched a little French parade, with the band leading and the French descendants following

On the hot day it is nice to catch a breeze on the water side
oh lala of course there is wine and french berets

It's worth to walk up the hill in the heat to see this view.

This beautiful family is dressed up for the day
Another amazing view


  1. Loved reading of this unexpected French enclave. Did they maintain the language as well as the customs?

  2. Hi Marja .. what a gorgeous place .. and so wonderful you showed us the French Market you visited .. no wonder they didn't want to leave.

    Fascinating to learn about - many thanks .. and I see today is the day when the CBD of Christchurch reopens after the earthquake in February ..

    Enjoy your Spring - Hilary

  3. during the Rygby games, our church opened up the church with big screens. On French games night, fans also dressed French and they served french food.

  4. What a sweet slice of French culture you have near your area, Marja. I can certainly see the attraction of the landscape with the beautiful hills, valley and beach below. There is total serenity in that last photo. :)

  5. Dank je wel voor deze foto's van Akaroa. In 2005 zijn mijn dochter, de kinderen en ik in Akaroa geweest en we hebben genoten van dit prachtige plaatsje.
    Bedankt voor je comment. Wij vieren nauwelijks Halloween in Nederland, maar op sommige scholen maken ze wel lampen van pompoenen. Ach wij krijgen gauw Sinterklaas.

  6. The very mention of French food makes me extremely hungry!

  7. How informative and so lovely to learn this piece of history'
    What fun


  8. Your second to last picture is magic!
    Makes me want to go there!
    Sorry I have been out of touch for so long.
    This is Elizabeth who used to live in Marrakesh.

  9. So the French occupied a town in New Zealand in the mid 1800s? and they still speak French? Amazing. It’s hard to believe. When I go to some little villages in France I see it is occupied by many English retirees and the music on the radio is all in the English language – bizarre. The place you showed us looks charming and I’d love to visit it.

  10. A beautiful little world here! And the market stalls look so delightful! I would love to wander here for at least a day or two!

  11. the pictures are really good,thanks for sharing,plz visit my blog too

  12. the pictures are really good,thanks for sharing,plz visit my blog too

  13. My father's grandparents came originally from Alsace Loraine in France. My father tells of growing up and living with them here in the US as a child for a time and his grandfather baking fresh bread as he was a baker/chef by trade. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  14. Wat leuk om zo mee te kunnen genieten!

  15. Wow...what for great photos!!!Very impressive landscape!


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