Thursday, 27 October 2011

A new hothouse

Hubby not only fixed the cover of the patio which was broken because of the snow last winter but he also build a hothouse. He loves making things. He still had a window en got the French doors very cheap from friends at work. Hubby already put the strawberries in, some lettuce, capsicum, cucumber and of course tomatoes.If we ever get another earthquake we will survive.
 We should actually dig a water well as well lol. The kiwi plant is also still growing around the pole and the hothouse is build around it. It didn't have any fruit yet so maybe this summer. We love kiwi's. I will show you our harvest when it is ready.


  1. The plants will be cosy inside. What a clever husband you have.

  2. VERY nice! My husband wanted to make one of these. But I'm not encouraging it as he's not so handy, lol

  3. I LOVELOVELOVE this, Marja. Bon appetit when your bounty matures and hey!!, no more earthquakes. You folks have had quite enough.


  4. I hope my wife doesn't see it while I am sitting here playing on the computer. She would definitely want one of her own.

  5. Bonjour dear Marja,
    First of all thanks so much for your kind visit and comments.And please forgive my absence, during this semester I'm studying a lot French, and I don't have much time for blogging unfortunately.I hope next semester, after my tests, I can visit more blog friends and prepare different post to publish.
    Your blog is adorable and I love the new house!The decoration is beautiful!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  6. Wat een originele en gezellige kas. Nice work!

  7. How lovely! Must be nice to sit out there in the summer.

    But I notice the hothouse has a catflap - oh no, you might get some kitty 'presents' (!)

  8. What a lovely hohouse! Your husband did a great job!

  9. It looks gorgeous. May all your crops thrive!

  10. Marja, wat leuk dat je op mijn blog kwam!
    I like it here a lot and must smile at the catdoor in the hothouse.

    loved being here

  11. That's great and I love the little person standing guard!

  12. Looks wonderful!
    Enjoy it!

    Margie x

  13. For any garden and gardeners this is a useful addition.

  14. Hallo Marja,

    Lovely hothouse you've got. It's inspiring! Soon I will show my husband how I like mine to-be next spring. He promised me one.

    I happened to pass by via Les trois jardins.
    I must say it's impressing, what I see and read on your blog.
    Happy weekend!

  15. looks realy great and I realy want to come over next year to see everyting in real and maybe I will. it's always good to be with my sister and her family and I enjoy every time in New Zealand.

  16. you are lucky to have a husband doing all these jobs. My husband will do the inside jobs.

  17. Lovely house,Marja and nice for your plants!

  18. Lovely vegetable garden! Have a happy harvest! ;)
    You live in such a beautiful place, I also loved your French festival post!
    Thanks for visiting,


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