Saturday, 5 November 2011

Another visit to Manderley

Today I visited Manderley home and garden festival for the second year. I didn't intend to post about it as I did last year. There were however so many colour full people, a horse and a sheep for example that I had to get the camera out of my bag.

NZ the country of about 40.1 million sheep. Nothing special here you say but what about a blue one.
The festival is on part of  the 750 acre land of the Manderley farm. On the farmland are 100 beef cattle kept and 1400 sheep. It is situated on a stunning spot, surrounded with hills and opposite Lake Forsyth and it has a gorgeous little river running through the property.

Cheerful flowers pop out of the suitcase, specially for you broo Happy birthday

A lady appears out of a piece of oemaru limestone. Oemaru stone is popular with carvers in NZ as is quite a soft stone.

I loved these gorgeous carved chess pieces

A lady and her hat(s). Hats are popular and especially worn during the races
Rocking pink is not only popular with teenagers as you see. This horse rocks in more than one way. He is also the host of two gorgeous chicken who like to have a ride on his back.


  1. Oh what fun! the setting is beautiful and the creativity a delight. Thanks for the post.

  2. O what sights in this beautiful countryside! And that dear horse letting the chickens have a ride! So gorgeous!

  3. Marja, Congratulations!
    You won the Giveaway from About New York!
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  4. Beautiful images. I love N.Z - it has a very spiritual feel. One can sense the harmony at the festival.


    Helen xx

  5. Awww that pony is just too gorgeous!

  6. beautiifulllllll pics.lovely place

  7. So cool event there, people are very creative!
    My favorite is the lovely horse in the last picture.The chicken is very smart to be there! LOL
    hugs and a nice Sunday

  8. Sounds and looks like a great event full of creativity and life.

  9. What a stunning backdrop for such a fun event! I LOVE the chickens on the horse and the chess set is amazing!

  10. How beautiful! Wouldn't it be lovely if all our time was spent in creative pursuits?

  11. Wow! That looked like fun! My wife and I usually go to a couple of similar art festivals a year but because of certain events we did not go.

    Great pictures!

  12. Looks a great event. I hope all is well with you. Very busy here in sri Lanka,

  13. Hell Marja,

    what a fun and colorful, this blog. I see all the goodies. What I see is a horse with colored mane .... lol Very nice this blog.

    Greetings from Holland by Helma.

  14. I loved seeing the booth growing up like a line of creativity emerging full grown from beneath the surface in the middle of nowhere. The little pony and its dyed mane remind me of toys my daughter had when she was young.


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