Thursday, 10 November 2011

Update CBD Christchurch

We don't come very often in the central city anymore except for Hagley park which is as stunning as ever. The reason is of course that there isn't much city anymore and as you can see and hear from the video underneath still a lot of buildings need to be demolished so it takes a while before they start rebuilding although some renovation has started.
Cashel street and Ballentynes has been opened for the public and the empty spaces are filled with container shops. You can see pictures from it on the blog Eliza's dream The containers look cool and I think it is a great idea as it puts colour to the damaged city

A greeting from a happy punter in Hagley Park

The people of Christchurch can get free bus rides through their city which will be like the one underneath. On the bus ride on you tube you get an update about the buildings by the demolishing manager


  1. Best wishes on the reconstruction of Christchurch.

    Don't know if you heard but the state of Oklahoma here in the US had a small earthquake a couple fo days ago. It was little over a 5 on the scale but there was a good deal of damage because none of the buildings were ever built for quakes.

  2. That is a massive amount of reconstruction. Such a depressing sight too. I can imagine that it isn't a place you like to go.

    Good luck with rebuilding Christchurch and making it a beautiful place again.

  3. This is an excellent educational video, Marja! It takes a long time to build homes and shops … some structures are historical monuments … yet all can be destroyed in an instant by a natural disaster. The video is heartbreaking and feels a little like a ride through a ghost town or vacant movie set. However, the machinery, etc. (great use of the boxcars) and renewal efforts are a testament to mankind’s will to exist and resilience.

  4. Yes, best wishes. It's such a contrast to see the beauty of Hagley Park and the construction and clearing work.

  5. Hi,Yes hope the rebuilding is going ok.. great picture... Sending you some love and Light.. Dreamwalker..

  6. Wow. I actually watched the whole sad thing. How terrible, and my gosh, SO much work! Ughhh.
    Just a ghost town, so so sad.

  7. I watch the sad news of the axe head accident. It is the last thing chch needs.

    Thanks for voting

  8. It's so sad to see the extent of the damage - but the video is instructive too, showing us what has been out of sight for so long. May Christchurch find renewal and safety.

  9. Loved seeing the container shops, Marja. I've seen container homes and vacation houses, but this was a first. I have a suspicion these containers are there to stay.


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