Monday, 20 February 2012

Container shops

We had a coffee yesterday in the city centre. One main street is open and the shops have been replaced with containers. Looks smart. Last week we got the message that demolitions are halfway. 600 buildings are torn down and 600 still have to go. Then they still have to rebuild. Nearly one year since the damaging earthquake. We are fine and we stand strong together.Although not all are fine. There is still lots going on like people having battles with insurance companies, people living in bad houses and some are being forced out of their houses as the rent is skyrocketing .
On wednesday there is a movie about the earthquake in Christchurch on TV. Part of me wants to move on and part of me wants to look at the movie and cry.

A container coffee shop

A look in an abandoned street of the red zone area in the city. The building with the white, grey facade without a roof used to be my kids school. It was a place like in the movie Fame where kids hang around, playing gitar, others designing in a corner. It had huge open places and atmosphere.

In blue and green

Adds and birds on the containers
A grocer with food from all over the globe


  1. On Wednesday, we remember the horrible day.Who could have believed that there will be an earthquake 2 years ago? Not my husband the engineer.

  2. Kia Ora Marja,
    You are in my thoughts along with all those remembering and rebuilding. Kia kaha e hoa.

  3. I find the container stores quite creative. I'd love to see them one day.

  4. The buildings are creative restored with the containers. But it is a huge effort to get all things right I suppose.

  5. "Johnson's grocer"?

    That's my last name.
    Is that a chain store or is it one of a kind? If it is an independent I wonder if we are very distantly related?

  6. The container shops have a lot of character. I like them.

  7. Hi Marja, its good to know that things are getting more or less back to normal.. I can only imagine what going through an Earthquake is feels like.. And we here in the UK experienced a small tremor several years back the centre being near Yorkshire.. of 5.2 and it shook the house, wardrobes and windows and knocked a few chimney stacks down nearer the centre of the quake.. My Sons home developed a crack along one wall.. But it must have been quite scary to say the least with what you experienced..
    I hope you don't have to go through anymore..
    The good outcomes of such events are the people.. They come together helping each other out and the community spirit is strengthened.. Its a shame that it takes something like this to bring people together more..

    Many thanks for adding your kind and thoughtful comments to my posts too Marja... I hope that you and yours are well, take care..
    Love ~Sue Dreamwalker xxx

  8. As cool and wonderful and colourful the container shops may look, I bet you'd all much rather see the town as it was before the earthquake(s). It must be so sad to see your kid's school like that.

    Onwards and upwards though (easy for me to say) ;-)

  9. It shows the strength and ingenuity of the people to keep on going and making shops out of containers, I hope all goes well in the future and those poor people with housing problems will okay soon. It sure takes a long time to rebuild a whole city. The demolished history is sad.

  10. You have all been in my thoughts today. I put up a commemorative post this morning. Love and blessings, and may many good new things keep happening.

  11. Hi Marja. It's good to know that things are moving forward. I'm very sad, though, that so many are still encountering insurance company problems. They got away with a lot of the same in New Orleans with Katrina. Bloodsucking necessary evils. Oops, sorry, my opinion is hanging out. ** sigh **

  12. Hi Marja .. it was a dreadful experience .. and seems so challenging that things take so long to sort out .. in times of strife when everyone is at their lowest ebb.

    With positive thoughts - Hilary

  13. the container shops are colorful and interesting looking
    I still pray for NZ daily.

  14. Very interesting to see the container shops.Very creative idea.My daughter works for a company(ship container) in the port of Hamburg.I think this idea would be very interesting to see for her.
    I think often to the earthquakes in NZ since I know you.I hope the next years will be quiet for you without terrible earthquakes,Marja!

  15. Amazing resilience. Wonderful to see rebuilding and continuity. Having been through an earthquake in San Francisco (1989), I know a str0jg sense of community is vital in moving forward.


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