Sunday, 19 February 2012

Festival of flowers

Every week there is something in the park. This week the festival of Flowers started, with floral art everywhere. There was also a car show, theater, and a band. They keep us entertained.

One of the many topiary animals in Hagley park
A  carpet to heaven

 An old timer show in the park I laughed seeing the squashed bear.

Our cathedral is gone but an 11 year old boy made this one

Display by local floral artists
Flowers in a small version of the chalice which used to stand on Cathedral Square (and maybe still does)

The theme this year was the eartquake

Port-a-loos have been in many streets in Christchurch in the last year. Today they were set in Canterbury colours and flowers.

This one has a whole garden

Smart red art
Butterflies in canterbury museum. Lots still in their cocoon. On Wednesday the 22nd of February 185 Monarch butterflies will be released as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives on 22 February 2011.

Floral snakes
Closing of with a topiary elephant.


  1. Great pictures :) Thank you for putting them up in case I dont make it along...

  2. What a touching theme for the flower show. A year ago again, there must be still lots of sorrow.

  3. Clever 11-year old boy. Love the teddy and the penguin and the portaloos. Every portaloo should come with its own flower display ;-)

  4. A super post and beautiful exhibits. I love the elephant and the porto- o- loos. I can't believe it is a year already.

  5. The cathedral created by the 11-year-old boy was very nicely done! And the elephant topiary is brilliant! I am beyond impressed with this wonderful display of nature, art and humor amid remembrances of the horrors of the earthquake. It is a testament to the strengths people have to overcome. Glad to see you enjoying the local parks and museums, Marja. Hope you have a great week! And hope that elephant brings you all good luck. :)

  6. Superb photos and a moving story. Thanks.

  7. What amazing creativity is coming out of Christchurch. The flowers are beautiful.

  8. Beauty. Hope. Humor. Necessary ingredients for overcoming adversity.

  9. Hi Marja .. I'm glad I came back to these - aren't they just great - the various floral arrangements, the boy's Cathedral - how superb .. and I saw the Monarch butterflies being released yesterday ...

    The elephant never forgets ... with thoughts to all - Hilary

  10. Wow...great idea -this flower festival!


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